Chocolate and Red Wine Donuts for Valentine’s Day



Want to make Valentine’s Day extra sweeter? Simply serve up adorable heart-shaped donuts dipped in rich chocolate and and made even tastier with red wine.

Emma Chapman of A Beautiful Mess believes every holiday should be commemorated with dessert. 

“You might be thinking, ‘Emma, I don’t have time to make donuts. Most of your recipes seem to take hours once you allow time for the dough to rise. I’m busy! Even though I do love donuts and think you’re a total genius to add wine to the chocolate glaze,’” says the blogger.

“Man, you are so complimentary today. But also, since these are biscuit donuts, they take less than 30 minutes to make, start to finish. You’re welcome.”

Chapman says the secret to her drool-worthy dessert is using canned biscuits, which minimize baking time and leave room for other more important things, like eating.

“Use cookie cutters to cut out your donut shapes,” suggests Chapman.

And if you have a massive sweet tooth, top your heart-shaped donuts with scoops of ice cream drenched in wine.

For the full recipe, click here.