Super Simple (and Yummy) Gummy Bear Cookies

Find out the secret ingredient!


Gooey gummy bears baked inside a cookie? Sounds like the not-so-mad science of a candy-fueled 8-year-old.

When Emma Chapman of A Beautiful Mess was craving cookies, she found inspiration from The Baking Robot, prompting her to create these edible, whimsical sweet treats. 

“I am happy to report that these are super fun and easy to make,” says Chapman, who’s ready to make another batch with her niece. “They are also delicious! They sort of taste like a pop tart, kind of (like) pie crust and fruity.”

Another perk? It’s really difficult to mess up this recipe.

“If some of your cookies crack, or the gummy bears aren’t placed in the centers, they may overflow on a few of the cookies,” says Chapman. “But that’s kind of pretty, if you ask me. I sometimes added a few different colored pieces to one cookie, to create a two toned heart. Have fun with these!”

Chewy, colorful, and flavorful, gummy bear cookies are what’s baking in your oven right this second.

For the full recipe, click here.