Make your Morning Festive with Pomegranate Glazed Donuts



Need an excuse to wake up early on Christmas Day besides tearing up those presents? Here's one: A seasonal, wonderfully decadent dessert that can be enjoyed for breakfast (or any other time of the day).

Emma Chapman of A Beautiful Mess loves donuts, so when it comes to celebrating the holiday season, making tasty fried dough is a must on her to-do list. However, she decided to give her recipe a wintry mix by incorporating jeweled-toned pomegranate seeds. It may look like a complicated task to complete on a day off from work and school, but the blogger assures us that harvesting the fruit for the glaze is surprisingly simple.

“Cut a pomegranate in half and place the half cut side down in warm water,” Chapman explains. “Gently loosen the seeds from the shell and white membrane of the fruit. The seeds will sit on the bottom of the bowl while the membranes will float to the top so you can easily skim them off. Keep going, until you’ve removed all the pomegranate seeds.”

While Emma’s recipe for pomegranate glaze donuts only calls for one fruit, she likes to use more than one to make her other dishes extra festive and tasty.

“You can add pomegranate seeds to your morning yogurt or cereal, use it to top cakes or ice cream, or even add to an adventurous stir fry,” she adds.

But if it’s sweets you’re after, prepare to sink your teeth into a warm, puffy donut bursting with pomegranate juice with a hint of tartness for added delight.

For the full recipe, click here.