The Rich Chocolate Brownie with Surprising (and Healthy) Ingredients


 (nosh and nourish)

What’s the secret behind chewy, gooey, beyond-yummy brownies? According to Kelly Pfeiffer of nosh and nourish, adding some surprising healthy ingredients.

To satisfy her family’s love for chocolate, the author and recipe developer created quinoa brownies, which she says are as finger-licking good as they look.

“These started as a bit of an experiment, but I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out,” says Pfeiffer, who reveals that not even her picky husband could tell these brownies, bursting with rich dark chocolate chips, also include seasonal butternut squash.

“What could have just been a regular brownie with flour, sugar, and chocolate became a nourishing powerhouse with protein and fiber,” she adds.

While the idea of brownies packed with quinoa, butternut squash puree and ground flax may not instantly entice some, Pfeiffer says these superfoods make this classic dessert extra tasty.

“The butternut squash mixed with vanilla almond milk adds a bit of smooth, sweet buttery flavor,” says Pfeiffer. “The quinoa doesn’t affect taste as much as texture. It gives the brownie a nice fluff.”

Along with rolled oats, a touch of maple syrup, and yes, more chocolate, quinoa brownies are easy to make, giving you more time to savor them with loved ones…that’s if you don’t mind sharing.

Check out Pfeiffer’s recipe for quinoa brownies here.