Celebrity Trainer Tracy Anderson on Transforming Into a Better Looking You at Home


 (Courtesy of Tracy Anderson)

At about 5 feet, Tracy Anderson may appear petite in size, but the tiny personal trainer is powerful enough to transform the bodies of some of Hollywood’s most famous celebrities.

From Madonna to Gwyneth Paltrow, the 38-year-old is the go-to fitness guru for sculpting and maintaining a red carpet-ready figure. And according to Anderson, the secret to her method can easily be discovered right from the comfort of home.

In time for the chilly holiday season, when many may skip on their visits to the gym and instead get cozy on the couch with a hearty dish, Anderson is set on warming you up in a different way. On November 15th, her DVD series, titled “Metamorphosis,” will launch at Bed Bath & Beyond and she believes it will inspire you to get fit and healthy like a star — without stepping outside.

FOX News Magazine chatted with Anderson from her Hamptons home about her recent partnership with the retailer. She shared her tips for getting effective results without a gym membership, as well as some of her guilty pleasures.

FNM: What prompted you to release "Metamorphosis" through Bed Bath & Beyond?

TA: I initially did an infomercial because I wanted to use the 30 minutes to educate people. After that, a lot of retailers wanted my product. From gas stations to drug stores, they all wanted to put it on their shelves. [Laughter.] But I didn’t want to have a mismanagement of the connection between myself and clients at home. ‘Metamorphosis’ is not a 90-day product, it is a lifetime product. People go from those first 90 days onto what we call 'continuity' that I filmed over three years for four different body types. It’s a serious program.

When we entered retail, we soon realized how difficult it can be to get shelf space and how the product wasn’t being represented well because retailers wanted to invest in just one body type. That really stinks, especially for those women who don’t know their body type and are forced to buy something that might not be right for them. Bed Bath & Beyond really proved to be a very special outlet because they heard me and got the product. They’re putting all four body types on their shelves. They’re also doing a body-type tablet quiz that I came up with. You’ll be able to figure out which body type you fall best under.

FNM: For those who aren’t familiar with "Metamorphosis," how is this regimen different from anything else that’s currently on the market?

TA: It’s not very lucrative to film 11,690 different butt lifts in three days for four different body types. It’s also quite miserable. [Laughter.] But most DVDs aren’t as content intensive. Our brand is about being authentic and giving women at home the real deal with results. We figured out how to identify four different problem areas for women and the content that I created for them is a journey that's not only going to transform you, but is also going to sustain your results. Rather than doing an exercise program until you get what you can from it, ‘Metamorphosis,’ on the other hand, doesn’t let you down. The transformation never stops and I’ll never stop supporting you. You aren’t going to be a slave to dieting because you’re going to hone in the root of the problem and fix it.

FNM: Some people may say exercising in a gym is more effective, as opposed to working out at home. What do you think?

TA: If you’re someone with the luxury of time, a more disposable income, and you tend to be more motivated by having people around you, then working out at a gym is fine, as long as you’re on a program that supports the transformation you want to see happen. When I say transformation, I don’t mean ‘I want to have someone else’s legs that are a genetically different from mine.’ You want to transform yourself into the best version of yourself. That takes a lot of strategy, and I think a lot of gyms tend to have a lot of options, but not enough strategies. I personally believe working out at home has tremendous benefits, number one being convenience. It allows the results to happen more consistently, as opposed to a gym because so many things can happen, preventing you from going. It’s also really great to have an expert in your home.

FNM: You’ve mentioned in a previous interview that consistency is key to working out and seeing results. What are some ways people can motivate themselves to be consistent?

TA: Consistency is absolutely key. Your body can’t change without a lot of consistency. Plus, in order to be a good enough performer to create change in your body, you have to be able to do the work to create that change. And that takes four to six days a week.

FNM: For those who don’t normally exercise, is it recommended to jumpstart that process or is it about working yourself up to six days?

TA: You certainly work yourself up to that limit. I think it’s asking a lot from people who don’t exercise to start doing so six days a week. But what I want them to do is really understand that’s where they’re headed. You need to carve out time from your schedule to make it happen. I recommend marking down the days you’re going to work out. If you start out doing two days, jump to four, and then go back to one, you’re never going to get where you should be. To ensure and maintain your transformation, you need to schedule it and actively make it happen.

FNM: Which is the best time of the day to exercise?

TA: I think it’s a very personal thing. The key is to have a schedule that works with your lifestyle. It doesn’t matter whether you exercise at the beginning of the day or the end. The more it complements your lifestyle, the more likely you’ll stick with it. Also, your body likes consistency. It creates an internal alarm clock when something is done enough days in a row, allowing it to respond better to the regimen. If possible, I like for the workout to occur on the same time daily.

FNM: Is there a certain food you think people should give up, especially if they're dedicated to building a healthier lifestyle?

TA: You absolutely have to cut out processed food. You need to start eating organic instead.

FNM: And what are some of your guilty pleasures?

TA: I love chocolate. I eat chocolate every day. I love a glass of wine. I’m totally gluten-free and I do love food, but my treats, or weaknesses, are chocolate and wine.

FNM: How do you control those cravings?

TA: I don’t need to worry about them. I let them come in, I listen to them, satisfy them, and release them. I choose not to freak out over them. I do my workouts all the time so I don’t get concerned when I have a craving. One shouldn’t fear food.

FNM: Before your client Gwyneth Paltrow began working with you, she had zero coordination in dancing. How did you help her transform?

TA: She was already developed enough as a person to understand that part of being consistent is being a good student and doing what the teacher tells you to do. She was open to learning. I’ve had other celebrity clients with a more fixed mindset who insisted on doing the routine their way or they just weren’t consistent. But Gwyneth really wanted to learn and she knew that by learning, she would get results. For almost 8 years, six days a week, she’s done the method consistently.