Need a Quick Meal? Prepare This Asian-Style Dumpling Soup



Nothing cures the kitchen blahs quite like tasty takeout from your go-to neighborhood eatery — but what happens when you’re bored of savoring the usual?

When it’s bone-chilling cold outside and your cozy couch lures you away from laboring over dinner, ordering in is a major do — but for those days when you prefer a soothing, homemade meal instead, consider whipping up a classic favorite quickly and easily.

Emma of A Beautiful Mess enjoys piping-hot dumpling soup, but has faced obstacles when trying to find a yummy vegetarian version. So, she decided to prepare her own version using simple ingredients you can find in nearly any market. Her take on Asian-style dumpling soup is loaded with fresh ginger, veggie sausage and a touch of sriracha for the extra spice that will easily warm you up.

Along with wonton wraps, a handful of dried shitake mushrooms and edamame peas, her hearty recipe is perfectly filling. Best of all, there's more than enough to save for another evening when you’re feeling lazy again.

Enjoy this tasty entrée tonight! For the full recipe, click here.