This Criminal Loves Big Macs More Than You



Have you ever wolfed down a Big Mac on the way to a dinner engagement? Or driven miles out of your way for Mickey D's when a craving hit? Then you might just be one of the Big Mac's biggest fans.

But you'll never be as big a fan as Ohio resident Randall Miller.

Miller recently led police on a chase through Brunswick after he was spotted driving recklessly by local citizens. Cops caught up to Miller as he was leaving a McDonald's restaurant, but he didn't pull over when they initiated a traffic stop — he just kept on driving until he finished his burger.

Officer Clifford Smith, who eventually arrested Miller on counts of drunk driving and fleeing an officer, says the suspect apologized for his actions, claiming that he "was too drunk and he just wanted to eat his Big Mac before he stopped."

We can only wonder what kinds of shenanigans Miller gets himself into