KFC Introduces Go Cups: Whole Value Meals to Shove in Your Cup Holder



Thanks to KFC's new Go Cups, the days of driving whilst balancing a meal of fried chicken in your lap are finally over.

For just $2.49 apiece, customers can now order one of five mini value meals served in convenient containers designed to fit in a car's cup holders. Choices include a Chicken Littles Go Cup, featuring a single Chicken Little sandwich; an Original Recipe Bites Go Cup, featuring four Bites; a Hot Wings Go Cup, with three Hot Wings; or the Original Recipe or Extra Crispy Tenders Go Cups, featuring two Tenders each. All include a serving of KFC's seasoned potato wedges.

Food news website Foodbeast also features an infographic from KFC, in which they calculate that only 33 percent of Americans actually use their cup holders for drinks, and how 42 percent of Americans would be "more likely" to eat in their cars if their take-out containers were shaped like cups.

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