Yummy (and Nutritious) Single Serve Double Chocolate Cake


 (nosh and nourish)

Single-serve desserts are having a major moment and it’s easy to see (and taste) why. Not only are they downright delish, but they can also be easily baked in batches right inside their own cups.

But one that’s actually tasty and nutritious? Those are harder to come by, at least until now.

Author and recipe developer Kelly Pfeiffer at nosh and nourish created a single-serve, double-chocolate cake to not only satisfy her sweet tooth, but that was also nourishing.

According to Pfeiffer, it’s all about “adding in ingredients that might not typically be included in order to boost vitamins and antioxidants whilst maintaining delicious flavor.”

Adding in mashed bananas and chickpeas, her double chocolate cake features plenty of fiber, protein, and potassium, all while being rich, chewy, and oh so chocolatey.

“With all these nourishing add-ins, you might find yourself wanting cake for breakfast — and that’s OK!” says Pfeiffer.

Check out her recipe for the yummy and healthy single serve double chocolate cake here.