Behold the Burrissimo! An Italian-Inspired Burrito



An Italian cuisine-inspired burrito may sound too good to be true for some carb lovers, but that’s just what's on the menu at one California casual dining chain.

The signature item at Burrissimo goes by the same name and consists of a tortilla seasoned with Italian spices, and filled with angel hair pasta and a selection of protein, vegetables and cheeses.

"People like new experiences in life and we’re trying to do something very different," explains Burrissimo founder and owner John Parlet of his Italian burrito.

A long-time fan of Chipotle, Parlet said he felt it "made sense" to offer an Italian-inspired version. "We’ve just expanded on that and changed it," he adds.

Parlet says the Burrissimo is popular with customers at his two southern California establishments. "They say, 'You're gonna put pasta in my burrito? You know what, this is pretty good.'"

And he isn't deterred by those counting calories.

"Quite frankly, the calorie count in rice and beans isn’t that different than angel hair pasta," he explains. And for those watching their figures, there's always the salad bowl.

Would you try a Burrissimo?