Campbell's Soup From a Coffee Maker: Would You Try It?



Campbell's soups have been celebrated by sick children and Andy Warhol for decades, and now they're planning to become a favorite among the owners of Keurig coffee machines.

The Campbell Soup Company announced last week that it was planning to release K-cup soup packs designed for use with Keurig brewing systems. These K-cups can be loaded into a Keurig machine like any other compatible K-cup, but instead of brewing up a single serving of joe, Campbell's K-cups will brew soup broth into a mug, which consumers will fill beforehand with an accompanying packet of dried noodles and veggies.

"It's delicious soup at the touch of a button," said Campbell CEO Denise Morrison in an interview with the Associated Press.

Green Mountain Coffee, the makers of Keurig coffee makers, also claim that there is no danger of coffee flavors and soup flavors intermingling through shared use of the machines, as they are cleansed by the very brewing process that creates coffees, and now soups.

Three varieties of Campbell's K-Cups are slated for release next year. Will you be trying them?