Bon Appetit Magazine Names 10 Best New Restaurants in America


Bon Appetit magazine has just announced their annual Hot Ten list, a ranking of the best new restaurants in the country.

The cuisines at these hotter-than-hot restaurants range from Italian to Scandinavian to Macanese, with some of the meals comprising of 18-course meals or locally "scavenged" ingredients. Their locations span the country, too, with dining spots on both coasts and several places in between.

Bon Appetit's 2013 Hot Ten is listed below, but for more information on each spot — all of the gratuitous food photography that goes with it — check out Bon Appetit.

#10. Aska, located in Brooklyn, New York.

#9. The Whale Wins and Joule, in Seattle, Washington.

#8. Jeffrey's and Josephine House, in Austin, Texas

#7. The Optimist, in Atlanta, Georgia

#6. The Pass and Provisions, in Houston, Texas

#5. Ava Gene's, in Portland, Oregon

#4. Fat Rice, in Chicago, Illinois

#3. Rolf & Daughters, in Nashville, Tennessee

#2. Saison, in San Francisco, California

#1. Alma, in Los Angeles, California