Can't Find a Cronut? Go to a Dunkin' Donuts in South Korea


 (Dunkin' Donuts Korea, Facebook)

It was a simple idea. Take a ring of croissant dough, fry it like a doughnut, and call it a "cronut." But people went crazy for it, and NYC baker Dominique Ansel soon found that his invention was the most sought-after dessert in the country.

Now, cronut fever has spread to Asia, reports

Dunkin' Donuts in South Korea and the Philippines have introduced their very own cronut knockoffs called the "New York Pie Donut" and the "Donut Croissant," respectively (the term "cronut" is trademarked by Ansel). As of now, they can be found at Dunkin' locations in the neighborhoods of Gangnam, Jamsil and Myungdong in South Korea, and the capital city of Manila in the Philippines.

Dunkin' Donuts, however, isn't nearly the first shop to offer their own take on this trendy treat. After the debut of the cronut, similar offerings could be found at bakeries throughout the world. Some purveyors even claimed their cronut-like items predated Ansel's creation. But Dunkin' Donuts' particular version is significant because it marks the first instance of a mainstream chain recreating the popular pastry.

Are you hoping their croissant/doughnut hybrid comes to a Dunkin' location near you?