Starbucks' Newest Item is Headed to Grocery Stores, Too



It was already possible to buy Starbucks coffee beans, ice creams and pre-made espresso drinks at your local supermarket. Now, the company is making a bee-line for the yogurt aisle.

USA Today reports that Starbucks has teamed with the Danone Groupe (the corporation behind Dannon and Evian) to develop a line of pre-packaged Greek yogurts. These new products, which will be released under Starbucks' "Evolution Fresh" brand, are expected to be available in Starbucks locations in 2014 and major grocery stores by 2015.

The first item to be introduced will be a "ready-to-eat Greek yogurt parfait," the newspaper added.

Although consumers won't be seeing Starbucks' Evolution Fresh yogurts for a while, the Danone Groupe's chief executive Franck Riboud feels confident in the power of their partnership. "I was really looking to Starbucks because I love their community, the 70 million customers who visit their stores each week, and the way they attract and talk and listen to that community," Riboud said.

Only time will tell if Starbucks' yogurts will be a hit with supermarket shoppers.

But what about you? Do you already have a favorite brand of Greek yogurt?