Making Sushi Parma at 180 Neapolitan Eatery

Chef Salvatore Olivella fuses Italian cuisine with Japanese presentation.


Trying to make sushi at home is a difficult task. A great maki roll is a complex balance between the delicate flavor of sashimi-grade fish and the sticky, starchy texture of perfectly cooked short-grain rice.

But forget that. Let's make it out of things you can find at a pizzeria.

In the video above, Chef Salvatore Olivella of NYC's 180 Neapolitan Eatery teaches us how he prepares their signature Sushi Parma, a play on a classic Japanese dish featuring distinctly Italian ingredients. In place of seaweed, rice and fish, Olivella opts for mozzarella, pesto and aged prosciutto. And forget about soy sauce or wasabi — Olivella's sushi is best enjoyed with a drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette.

Watch the clip to try making your own rolls along with Chef Olivella, or head down to 180 Neapolitan Eatery in New York City to taste his curious cuisine for yourself.