Eating Good On The Go: Why Food Trucks Are Everywhere

Jeff Flock investigates the food truck craze.


We never thought we'd be saying this, but you haven't truly tasted deep-dish pizza until you've eaten it out of the back of a truck.

FOX Business Network's Jeff Flock recently paid a visit to a Chicago-area Giordano's pizzeria — but it's not like any pizzeria you've seen before. This Giordano's location is on wheels, because it's just one of the many food trucks that line Chicago's famed Michigan Avenue.

And if you're seeing a sudden spike in food trucks near you, too, there's a good reason for that, especially if you're the CEO of a large chain of brick-and-mortar pizzerias like Yorgo Koutsogiorgas. "You can bring this food to areas where you cannot afford — or you cannot have, for other reasons — any real restaurants," says the Giordano's CEO. "So it expands your reach, and you reach the customers where they live."

What's more, it's a great way to cut costs. "It would be very expensive to open [a restaurant] and extremely expensive to maintain because of high rents in this area," Koutsogiorgas continues. "But this food truck here gives us an opportunity to be on Michigan Avenue without paying the rent. That's a good deal, in my opinion."

The Giordano's food truck also acts as a mobile billboard for the brand, which Koutsogiorgas describes as "priceless."

Check out the video above for more food truck info, and get up close and personal with a Giordano's stuffed pie.