New App Tells You How Much You're REALLY Drinking


If we asked you what a standard serving of wine looks like, would you know the answer? Unless you manage a bar or work at a vineyard, the answer is probably no.

But no need to worry. Now, there's an app for that.

An Australian brand called Jacob's Creek is planning to launch Wine Line, which can help keep track of how many servings you've enjoyed regardless of the amount of wine in the glass (or the shape of the glass itself). Simply point your phone at your drink, trace the outline of the glass, and select your type of wine from a list (or enter the alcohol content). Then, at the end of the night, Wine Line can tell you how many standard servings — not glasses — you've imbibed.

Jacob's Creek's parent company, Premium Wine Brands, decided to develop the application after finding that 86 percent of Australian wine drinkers didn't know the correct amount in a standard serving. (In case any of us in the U.S. are wondering, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism says five ounces for table wine and 3–4 ounces for fortified wines.)

To learn more about this new app, click here.