Could You Finish This Order of 'Mega Potato' Fries?



The days of ordering "Supersize" may be gone in America, but over in Japan, they're still dreaming up ways to cram more fries onto the McDonald's menu.

According to Japan Today, McDonald's Japan is planning to start re-offering their signature french fries in a limited-edition size called "Mega Potato." (Kind of like the McRib, the Mega Potato appears from time to time on Japan's McDonald's menu.) For just 490 yen (about $4.80), the hefty Mega Potato holds the equivalent of two large orders of McDonald's fries (about 12.34 ounces in total), making it much larger than a Supersize order (7 ounces).

The Mega Potato is already available at certain Japanese locations, but the item will be offered nationwide beginning on May 24.

So what do you think of the Mega Potato? Does that order of fries look big to you?