Treat mom to breakfast in bed

Do you need a last minute Mother’s Day idea for mom? You could go with some macaroni art, a homemade card, or take the kids shopping for a present she may or may not want.  But nothing says love more than a home cooked meal--in bed.

For once, let mom sleep in--then surprise her with her favorite magazine and a tasty breakfast. 

Short on ideas? Not to worry because these recipes are easy, you can even recruit the kids to help.

  • 1. Egg in a Hole

    Egg in a Hole


    Show mom some love with a heart shaped egg and some toast.  Kid Friendly Step: Show them how to safely use a cookie cutter and let them cut out the hearts.

  • 2. Green Chile Cheese Bake

    Green Chile Cheese Bake

    Recipe Girl

    An egg bake is simple, full of flavor, and always a crowd pleaser. Kid Friendly Step: Allow them to put the chilies and the cheese into the bowl and mix them together.

  • 3. Citrus Parfait

    Citrus Parfait


    If mom likes something lighter in the morning, this creamy and sweet parfait is perfect. Kid Friendly Step: Have the kids mix together the yogurt and the honey. While assembling the parfait let them put the pieces of fruit in.

  • 4. Breakfast Quesadillas

    Breakfast Quesadillas

    Recipe Girl

    It’s a holiday so allow mom sometime to indulge with this cheesy and gooey recipe. Kid Friendly Step: Let the kids sprinkle the cheese into the pan. Once the quesadillas are on the plate have them decorate with slices of tomato and avocado.

  • 5. Banana Breakfast Bread Pudding:

    Banana Breakfast Bread Pudding:


    Looking for something just as sweet as mom, but still on the healthy side? This lighter version of a classic has got you covered.  Kid Friendly Step: For a little bit of fun have the kids mash the bananas.

  • 6. Breakfast Casserole

    Breakfast Casserole

    Real Food Real Deals

    This is a fantastic recipe to share with the whole family. Whip it up early in the morning and then pile into bed together to enjoy Mother’s Day as a family. Kid Friend Step: Have them put all the solid ingredients into the dish (bread, sausage, asparagus, ETC).