Peanut Butter Sticky Buns



Even though these are called peanut butter sticky buns, there's actually no peanut butter in them. Before you cry foul, hear me out. The dough contains PB2: powdered peanut butter. PB2 is something my sister turned me on to. It's a powder that you can add water to, creating a peanut butter mixture. Or, you can add it to smoothies or baked goods. Today, we are going to use it to make sticky buns.

Rabbit trail: I was intending to create a PB&J sticky bun when I worked on this recipe. These buns you see pictured do in fact contain jelly (rhubarb!). But I found that with all the other elements at play, namely the sticky peanut glaze, you really couldn't taste the jelly filling. Sometimes kitchen adventures don't turn out exactly as you plan, but this one still turned out incredibly delicious. So I've omitted the jelly filling in the recipe notes below. If you want to give it another go though, be my guest. :)