Now that spring has officially started, many folks will be taking some time off to vacation in warmer climates. Spring also tends to be the time when people’s inner foodies come out, excited for fresh seasonal produce and the culinary delights they help create. That’s why many travelers will be using part of their travel time to explore restaurant menus that should be revamped with new recipes and exciting seasonal ingredients. As the president of a travel company, I’ve enjoyed my fair-share of meals in a variety of food meccas across the nation, including mainstays like New York, Chicago and San Francisco. While these cities do serve up some unforgettable dishes, I’ve had some equally impressive meals in lesser thought-of cities across the country, often at a fraction of the price. These cities not only have extraordinary eats, but some great hotel deals as well, so you can use the money saved on your hotel to splurge on your meals once you arrive.