10 Things You Didn't Know About Duff Goldman, Star of "Ace of Cakes"


 (Godiva Cake Truffles launch event, The Kitchen NYC)

Duff Goldman: You probably know him as the edgy pastry chef from the Food Network’s “Ace of Cakes,” whose can-do attitude results in some mind- boggling cake creations.

But cake isn't the only thing sweet about Duff Goldman. We met him at a launch event for his Godiva Cake Truffles, where we learned he's also in a band, is a graffiti artist, and "literally" threw up in his mouth when he met George Lucas. Read on to find out more.

10 things you might not know about Duff:

  • He tried to climb inside a Godiva 18-wheeler. Why? Because it was “full of liquid chocolate” and “smells awesome!” Well, now we get it. Unfortunately for him, he didn't make it past the ladder. 
  • He's in the pastry chef club. “I’m the first chef they [Godiva] ever worked with outside of the company, and they wanted to get it right,” Duff said. “It’s Godiva — I can’t let them down! They’ll kick me out of the pastry chef club!” 
  • Most of Duff’s team went to art school, not culinary school. “Lauren [Mastella] is the first one besides me that went to culinary school,” he said. "Everybody else went to art school." 
  • He once made a cake that served 45,000 people. “We just made a life size baby elephant,” Duff said. “It was huge.” 
  • He “literally” threw up in his mouth when he met George Lucas. After making an R2-D2 cake for Lucasfilm, Duff got to meet one of his greatest icons, George Lucas. To say he was star struck would be understatement. “This is my hero,” he said. “This is the guy who gave everybody permission to be nerds and fantasize about spaceships — basically just gave us all permission to dream.” 
  • He doubles as a graffiti artist. Duff draws inspiration for his cakes from artists like Banksy (and George Lucas). He's talented in graffiti himself and was recently invited to the Connecticut Food & Wine Festival to not only design cupcakes, but replicate them "Andy Warhol-style on a five by five huge graffiti canvas." 
  • And triples as a rock star, sort of. “I’m in a couple bands, actually,” Duff explains.  “When we play a show, at least like 15 people show up … at least.” Why the huge crowds? “We are a nerdy band, we play weird math rock.” 
  • He can call out his cake fans. “We really don’t tell anyone that I’m in a band because sometimes somebody finds out and you’ll see a mom and their daughter show up to some disgusting rock club,” Duff said. "The cake fans will be excited because 'The cake guys are here!' We’re loud, fast and aggressive,” he said. “We start playing and they’re like … and leave. You can tell the cake fans when they walk in.” 
  • Duff’s biggest cake disaster was … “I don’t know, getting into the business?” 
  • His favorite flavor of cake is pumpkin chocolate chip, and he stole the recipe. “I stole the recipe from a roommate of mine,” Duff said. “But now she works for me so it’s cool – I gave her a job.”