Bobby Flay on Three Common Grilling Mistakes

Avoid these backyard blunders.


If you’re looking to grill up some great grub this Labor Day weekend, you should know how to prevent the most common grilling mistakes. Let celebrity chef Bobby Flay teach you how to avoid these backyard blunders to ensure a better barbecue.

#1. Don’t Flip OutTry to avoid flipping your meats too early and too often because it can cause food to stick to the grates. “When you put something on the grill, just leave it alone,” says Flay. "You have to let the grill do its job, and then (the food) will actually come away from the grill much easier.”

#2. Find a Happy MediumFor crispy-skinned chicken, you don’t need to crank the heat to high — this method often results in charred skin and raw meat. “You want to cook it, actually, on medium heat,” says Flay. “Let the skin get nice and crispy, and let the fat render off.”

#3. Throw the Right Fish on the FireCooking delicate fish over the grill can be quite a hassle, so Bobby suggests you forget about the flounder altogether. “You want to pick a steak-like fish, something like tuna or swordfish,” he says. “That will actually make your grilling a lot easier.”