15 Foods That Will Gross Out Your Date


We’re all told to “be yourself” on a first date, but when it comes to the foods you order, being yourself isn’t always the best option. Here's a list of some of the smelliest, worst, most embarrassingly awkward foods you could order on a first date.

BeansFueling up on beans for a night out? Sounds like a revolutionary idea. They don’t smell good going in, and they’re not going to smell good coming out.

French Onion SoupDon't be flattered; your date's not looking down your shirt, he's staring at the string of Gruyère cheese that's hanging from your chin. We'll get to the onions later.

Jäger Bombs, Sake Bombs or any other kind of bombsWhile some men may (bizarrely) like a woman who can keep up with their drinking antics at the dinner table, we can't seem to find anything that involves the act of "bombing" sexy. And because alcohol is already known to cause superfluous stomach movements, watch out: Your Jäger bombs may lead to other unwanted bombs at the dinner table.

Garlic BreadIf your date orders garlic bread, it's a tell-tale sign he's not into you. If you both order garlic bread, well, “What’s yours is mine, honey!”

Onion RingsHave you ever successfully taken a clean bite of an onion ring without the whole onion falling out? Not a mental image you want sticking in your date's head. And while you're at it, avoid onions at all costs.

House Special Sushi RollNews flash: Using foreign utensils to shove gigantic portions of raw fish into your mouth can, and likely will, cause a series of silent, very awkward first date moments.

Spicy Chicken CurryLet's save the spice and sweat for the bedroom, shall we? Chicken curry doesn't work in anyone's favor on a date — think Ben Stiller in "Along Came Polly" and you'll understand why.

Buffalo WingsAny type of food that is served with wet naps and requires you to lick your fingers is not sexy, and neither is the glossy buffalo-orange tint it'll leave on your lips.

Fish SticksIf your date takes you to a restaurant that offers fish sticks on the menu, go ahead and order them to avoid the prospect of a second date.

SpinachYour date probably thought you were cute before you got that hunk of spinach stuck in your front tooth.

SpaghettiDon’t be fooled, ordering spaghetti on a date will lessen your chances of any “Lady and the Tramp” moments.

Any situation that involves the phrase "All you can eat"This date is likely to end in one of two ways: you're going home alone because you don’t want to be touched, or your date going home alone because he doesn't want to touch you.

Pitted OlivesMaybe supermodels can make spitting pits from their mouths sexy, but the rest of us human folks should avoid expunging food from our mouths.

Burritos and TacosYour date doesn't want to see a Mexican mess oozing out of your mouth and into your lap, so avoid the trip to Acapulco and opt for something more traditional.

Meatloaf“Can I please have the meatloaf?” “That meatloaf looks really good.” “Mmm, meatloaf!” See? There's no way to make ordering meatloaf sound sexy. (Try it, we dare you.)