Giada on Cooking Healthy for Your Kids

She hides spinach in her meatballs!


What does a celebrity chef cook for her own child? We went to food superstar and mom, Giada De Laurentiis, to find out. She shared her sneaky secret for filling her daughter's meals with healthy ingredients!

Fox News Magazine: How do you cook healthily for your daughter?

Giada: I make chicken tenders and meatballs for my daughter, where I chop up spinach very, very, very fine — you can put it in a food processor or chop it by hand — and I hide it inside (the food). I also make the meatballs really small so my daughter can eat the entire thing rather than taking bites, because once they can take a bite, they can see the green inside and they don't want to eat it. And I put the spinach — very fine — in the bread crumb mixture. So that way, they eat the whole thing and they've got their greens as well.