Delta Grill Crawfish Etouffee

Seasoning Mix:

¼ cup salt

4 tbs white pepper

4 tbs garlic powder

4 tbs onion powder

2 tbs cumin

2 tbs mustard powder

¾ cup Spanish paprika

4 tbs ground black pepper

2 tbs chili powder

½ tsp cayenne

2 tbs dry thyme

2 tbs dry basil

2 tbs dry oregano

Place all seasonings in a bowl and mix well. Place a sifter on a plate and pour seasonings from the bowl into the sifter. Sift all contents back into the bowl. Note: The herbs from seasoning will be left in the sifter. Pour them back into the bowl when finished sifting. This is more seasoning than you will need and should make about one quart. Place left over seasoning in a container and reserve for further cooking use.


½ cup vegetable oil

½ cup flour

¼ cup onion

(medium dice)

¼ cup celery (medium dice)

¼ cup green bell pepper ( medium dice)

2 tbs Worcestershire sauce

1 tbs seasoning mix

In a 2 quart stainless steel bowl combine everything except for the flour and vegetable oil. In a heavy skillet, place oil and heat until hot and smokey. As soon as the oil starts to smoke you are ready to add the flour. Slowly whisk in the flour. Do not stop whisking for any reason. Continue to whisk until flour and oil have become a dark brown. Note: I have told you to use ½ cup of flour but you may need a little more depending upon the consistency. It should be thick and smooth. If extra flour is need make sure to add it at the beginning. When flour and oil is dark brown, take off the heat and pour into the bowl with the vegetables. Fold roux and vegetables together and place aside. Note: This is more roux than you will probably need and the roux vegetable mixture can be frozen for future use.


½ tbs chopped garlic

¼ cup thinly sliced scallions

1 tbs seasoning mix

1 lb crawfish tail meat (may be substituted with shrimp)

3 cups chicken stock

½ cup roux

1 tbs unsalted butter

In a 4 quart stockpot place chicken stock and bring to a boil. Then add the roux and cook for 20 minutes. The etouffee sauce should have a gravy like consistency. If too thin you may use a butter roux or cornstarch and water mix. Butter is roux is simply equal parts of melted butter and flour mixed together. Both of these can be used to reach the desired consistency. Now we need to strain the etouffee sauce. Pour the sauce through a strainer into a bowl and place aside. In a 12 in. skillet, add half the butter and melt. Then add garlic, scallions, seasoning mix and crawfish. Sautee for 3 minutes. Then add the etouffee sauce. Mix and cook for 4 minutes.

Note: If sauce is too thick you may add more chicken stock to thin. Finish with the remaining butter and serve with rice. This dish is best served immediately. You may do all the prep work ahead of time saving the sautee for right before you serve. This dish serves approximately 4 people. You may notice that I have used chicken stock in place of seafood stock. This is a personal preference but you may use seafood or vegetable stock if you prefer.