Stars who just don't age
Good genes or good doctors?">Fox News

Cheryl Hines

The "Curb Your Enthusiasm" star, 51, has barely aged a day in 10 years. Pictured in 2010 (right) she looks just as youthful in 2016 (left). What's your secret Cheryl? Related: Fall 2016 TV shows we can't wait to watch.

Hilary Swank

Can you guess which is the older Swank? The actress looks the same in 2015 (right) as she did in 2005 (left) when she took home an Oscar for her role in "Million Dollar Baby."

Lauren Graham and Connie Britton

In honor of Connie Britton's 48th birthday, her former roommate Lauren Graham shared a throwback picture of the two in 1999. "In honor of the babely @conniebritton birthday, let's all party like its 1999! (Photo from 1999 for reference)," the "Parenthood" star wrote on Twitter. The pic Graham shared could have fooled us because the two stars look like they've barely aged a day let alone nearly two decades! MORE: You Need to See What Connie Britton's Hair Looked Like in the '80s

Patricia Arquette

Arquette is one hot "Medium." The star (right) doesn't look a day older than she did 14 years ago in 2001. Please share your secret with us Patricia.

Jennifer Lopez

During a 2014 show, left, Jennifer Lopez performed in an outfit that was remarkably similar to her memorable 2000 Grammys dress. Not only are the styles identical, but so is JLo's appearance. It seems she hasn't aged a bit. Click here for more on the outfit from ET.
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Kate Beckinsale

It's hard to believe there is a 10-year gap between these two photos of Kate Beckinsale. The actress looks the same in 2014 (L) as she did in 2004 (R).

Sofia Vergara

The Colombian-born actress looks just as youthful nearly 15 years ago on the left. With Vergara's hot career and hot new boyfriend ("True Blood's" Joe Manganiello) the "Modern Family" actress has never been better!

Debra Messing

At 45 on the right, Debra Messing looks just as good as she did more than a decade ago at 33. The actress has accomplished a lot since her "Will & Grace" days including starring on "Smash" and giving birth to her son Roman.

Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone hasn't aged a day since her "Clueless" days. The now mom looks better than ever.

Lori Loughlin

We have all aged a lot since watching “Full House” in the ‘90s, but it seems Aunt Becky hasn’t. Is it just us, or does Lori Loughlin never seem to get older? We want to know her secret.

Christie Brinkley

Does this woman never age? Brinkley looks just as good in a bathing suit in 2013, as she did back in 1980, on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

(Social Life Magazine)

John Stamos

Spikey hair? Check. Cute smile? Check. Permanently tan skin? Always. The actor is just as cute today (right) as he was over a decade ago in 2001 (left).

Gwyneth Paltrow

It's crazy how little Gwyneth has changed in 15+ years. She may even look better today (right) than she did in 1998 (left).

Stars who just don't age

Good genes or good doctors?

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