Pretty stars who go gritty on film

While makeup artists and stylists are usually there to make stars look their best, sometimes roles call for their worst.

Taylor Lautner

Is that Taylor Lautner? The "Twilight" hunk looked anything but hunky in a still from his upcoming Netflix comedy "Ridiculous 6" starring Adam Sandler. Click here for more from Hollywoodlife.com.


Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie underwent quite the transformation for her "Suicide Squad" character. The Australian-born actress traded in her blonde locks for a red, white and blue 'do and crazy makeup for the role. Click here for more pictures of Robbie on Hollywoodlife.com.


Kacey Musgraves

Kacey Musgraves looked far from her glamorous self in her new music video for her sit single "Biscuits." She put her hair up in a hat, had dirt smudged on her face and wore a fake mustache (left) in one of the video's scenes.

Mercury Records

Kevin Bacon

Is that really you Kevin Bacon? The actor tweeted out a selfie looking like he's been eating too much bacon lately. "The Following" star didn't offer an explanation for his strange look, he simply wrote, "Greetings from the U.K." to his Twitter followers. Many online speculated that the actor was wearing makeup for an upcoming television advertisement.


Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf is that you? According to E!, the shaved mohawk with a braided "rat tail" that Shia is sporting is for an upcoming movie role. Click here for more pics of Shia from X17Online.

Reuters/ x17

Felicity Huffman

Felicity Huffman's look in her new show "American Crime" is a far cry from her "Desperate Housewives" character. The actress' grandmotherly outfit, drab hair and makeup-free face gave the star a grittier look than her typical red carpet look (left).


Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde shared a terrifying photo of herself in makeup for her upcoming thriller "The Lazarus Effect." The actress joked on Twitter that she was the latest celebrity to fall victim to a "non-retouched photo leak." PHOTOS: Olivia Wilde Stuns In Teeny Bikini 7 Months After Giving Birth


Emma Stone

Emma Stone was just one of the many stars to perform on "Saturday Night Live's" 40-year special. "The Help" star donned a frizzy black wig to play the late Gilda Radner's famous "SNL" character Roseanne Roseannadanna.


Taryn Manning

All of the actors on "Orange Is the New Black" underwent makeunders for their roles as prison inmates on the hit Netflix original series, but Taryn Manning's transformation is perhaps the most shocking. The 36-year-old dons long brown hair extensions and fake teeth to play her meth-addicted character Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett.


Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston showed off her dramatic side in the Golden Globe-nominated film "Cake." The 45-year-old went sans makeup (L) and it was "terrifying" to step out of her comfort zone, she said. "It was a terrifying, risky thing but I just said, 'You've got to try. At this point, who cares?


Natalie Dormer

Natalie Dormer shaved half of her head to play "Hunger Games" character Cressida. We definitely prefer Dormer's long locks and beautiful gowns of her "Game of Thrones" character Margaery Tyrell.


Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco shared a scary picture of herself covered in bruises. But have no fear, the photo was a screenshot of the actress from her upcoming 2015 film "Burning Bodhi." Click here for more photos of the "Big Bang Theory" actress.


Lauren Cohan

Actress Lauren Cohan plays Maggie Greene on AMC's hit show "The Walking Dead." Typically covered in dirt and sweat on-screen, the actress glammed up for her shoot with GQ. Turns out Cohan is quite the British beauty! PHOTOS: 'Walking Dead' stars in real life.


James Franco

James Franco debuted a terrifying new "do." The actor shaved his head for an upcoming role in "Zeroville," the film based on Steve Erickson's book of the same name. The creepy fake mustache he also debuted completed the less-than attractive look.


Taylor Swift in 'Ew'

Swift showed off her geeky side in a skit for the "Tonight Show" with Jimmy Fallon (C). The singer transformed into Natalie, a 14-year-old girl with a band aid collection. "My mom hasn't let me watch television since Miley Cyrus twerked," Swift's alter ego said. Watch the hilarious clip here.

Reuters/Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

Sofia Vergara

Vergara shocked onlookers as the actress stepped out with disheveled hair, smudged lipstick and tatty sweats. This new look is far from Vergara's usual form-fitting clothes and blown-out hair. Fortunately, the star's scary look is merely for a scene for her hit show "Modern Family." Click here for more pictures of Sofia's less than flattering look.

Fame Flynet/Reuters

Ryan Reynolds

Usually we'd want to be anything but "Just Friends" with Ryan Reynolds. The normally chiseled star donned a fat suit for his role in the 2005 film.

(New Line Cinemas/Reuters)

New Line Cinemas/Reuters

Emma Thompson

A prosthetic nose, fake teeth and several layers of makeup transformed the British actress into the unfortunate-looking Nanny McPhee. 

(Universal Pictures/Reuters)

Anne Hathaway

Before Anne's "The Princess Diaries" character underwent a royal makeover, she was frizzy to a fault. But the not-so-glamorous role still put her on the map.

(Reuters/Walt Disney Pictures)

Mariah Carey

The sexy blonde bombshell went grungy, bare-faced brunette for her role as a social worker in 2009's "Precious."


Cameron Diaz in "Annie"

Blonde beauty Cameron Diaz looked harsh for her role as Ms. Hannigan in the "Annie" remake.

Click here for more on Cameron

(Reuters/ Kristin Callahan/ACE/INFphoto.com)

Javier Bardem in "Skyfall"

Penelope Cruz's hubby was almost unrecognizable in the Bond film "Skyfall." The makeup was over the top and his contacts and lighter hair color were downright scary.

And this wasn't even the part when he took out his ... well we won't say in case you haven't seen it yet.

But he's not the only actor who has had to play down his natural good looks to play a part.

Click through for some more stars who had to spend lots of time in hair and makeup to look this bad.


Matthew McConaughey in 'Dallas Buyers Club'

The usually buff actor lost almost 40-pounds to play Ron Woodruff, a hard-living man with HIV for the 2013 drama due out in December.

It's quite early, but Oscar buzz for McConaughey has already begun. 


Jared Leto in 'Chapter 27'

Jared's boyish good looks are normally on display on screen, but he went practically incognito when he played Mark David Chapman in 2007. It was hard to believe that it was even him. 

(x17online.com/Peace Arch Entertainment)

Christian Bale in 'The Machinist'

The Aussie actor had originally intended on losing close to 100 pounds for the 2004 role, but directors insisted that a 60-pound weight-loss was more than sufficient to portray the emaciated machinist.

(Reuters/Paramount Classics)


Charlize Theron

The first name that comes to mind when you think of gorgeous stars looking downright ugly for a part is Charlize Theron. She won an Academy Award for doing so in "Monster."

(Reuters/Media 8 Entertainment)

Jon Heder

When Jon hit the screen as "Napoleon Dynamite" in 2004, audiences didn't really know that the man behind the frizz wasn't so bad.

(Fox Searchlight Pictures/Reuters)

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz

The gorgeous blue-eyed blonde was unrecognizable with dark eyes and red frizzy hair in "Being John Malkovich."

(Reuters/USA Films)

Matt Damon

Matt Damon

Audiences are used to seeing one of People's Sexiest Men Alive as an action hero, but as a fat older dude? That was an adjustment when Matt starred in "The Informant!" (2009)

(Reuters/Warner Bros.)

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman

The critically acclaimed actress looked gaunt and washed out in "The Hours."

(Paramount Pictures/Reuters)


Russell Crowe

Russell went with grey hair and a beer gut to play a CIA officer in "Body of Lies." The fact that he was starring opposite heart-throb Leonardo DiCaprio made him look even worse.

(Warner Bros./Reuters)

Jessica Alba

The brunette stunner had to go with a "plain Jane" look for "An Invisible Sign" in 2010. Not surprisingly, even simple and understated looks good on her.

(Reuters/IFC Films)

Johnny Depp

It seems as though Johnny Depp has always played down his looks for his craft. It started back with "Edward Scissorhands" in 1990 and he put on the white makeup again for "Sweeney Todd"  in 2007.


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Tom Cruise

In one of his best roles of the last few years, Tom Cruise surprised audiences with a small bit in "Tropic Thunder" and stole the show. 



Pretty stars who go gritty on film

While makeup artists and stylists are usually there to make stars look their best, sometimes roles call for their worst.

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