Surprising celeb nude scenes
Do you remember Katie Holmes and Reese Witherspoon stripping down for the camera? Well, they did.


Christy Carlson Romano

The former Disney star stripped down for horror flick "Mirrors 2." Romano donned nothing but her birthday suit for a steamy shower scene in the 2008 movie. Click here to find out what she had to say about her former costar, Shia LaBeouf's recent antics.



Thora Burch in "American Beauty"

Then 17-year-old Thora needed her parents' permission to take her clothes off on screen in 1999. Lucky for her, mom and dad both worked in porn. 



Daniel Radcliffe in "Equus"

Fans were shocked to see Harry Potter's, um, wand, up close and personal when he stripped down on stage for Peter Shaffer's "Equus" on Broadway. Turns out the Hogwarts grad is all grown up-- and proud. 




Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa is best known as the sarcastic British cast member on the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." But before she found fame on the Bravo series, Vanderpump acted in several TV shows and movies, such as 1978's "Killer's Moon." For the flick, the reality star appeared topless. 



Natalie Dormer in "Game of Thrones"

The "Game of Thrones" and "The Tudors" actress is a pro at sultry on-camera moments, but even she says they're a challenge. Dormer on her nude scenes: "It’s always a bit traumatic. Being comfortable with your body is not the same thing as feeling completely at ease doing a sex scene. I’m comfortable with my body, but to do nudity [as part of your job] is sometimes not as easy as you’d like it to be."

Read more from her interview in the September 2013 issue of Allure.


Sharon Stone in 'Basic Instinct'

When you think of movie nude scenes, Sharon Stone's not so demure leg-crossing in "Basic Instinct" is one of the first to come to mind

But did you know Anne Hathaway's surprise nude scene in "Love & Other Drugs" isn't even her first?

And did you know Sylvester Stallone made an adult film?

From Oscar winners to not-so-hot dudes, it seems as though everyone - at some point or another - has taken it off for the camera. 

Click through to see some stars who you may not have known took it all off for their art.

Click here for more pictures of Stone on



Anne Hathaway in 'Havoc'

Although she was recently on posters, in bed and half naked to promote the movie, "Love & Other Drugs," that isn't Anne's first encounter with nudity. 

In 2005, she went topless for the crime drama "Havoc." 

But her recent experience with nudity has taught her to be weary of the director. 

"We had finished shooting all the nudity," she explains about her current film. "And my wonderful director said, 'You know what guys, you've been through a lot together, and before you put your clothes on'... - he goes, 'I was wondering if I could strip down and get into bed with you and we will all take a picture together," Anne told an Australian radio program. "And then Ed said, 'Don't worry these are just for my personal abuse and no one's ever going to see them' and like young fools we believed him."

That's actually the photo that was used to advertise ""Love."

"So the lesson of that is when a director says 'let's get naked - trust me no one will know' don't believe him because now that image is the poster of the film with him removed," Anne laughed.



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Jennifer Connelly in "Requiem for a Dream"

She played a good girl turned druggie in 2000 in the dark drama. The classy actress  hasn't done anything like that since.



Reese Witherspoon in 'Twilight'

In 1998, the Academy Award winner went topless in the thriller "Twilight." But since becoming a mom, she says that nudity is probably off the table for her. 

"I've always been choosing roles knowing that I have a daughter and I have a responsibility to her and to the world to be representing women of strength," she has said.


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Seth Rogen in 'Zack and Miri Make a Porno'

Funnyman Seth Rogen isn't exactly someone you'd picture going nude on film, but in 2008's, "Zack and Miri Make a Porno," Seth did just that. 

"I was fine with it," he says about taking it all off. "I was ready for anything. I have no shame about it. It’s fine."

He says it's all in the name of making people laugh. "If it’s funny, yeah, I will probably do it. If I genuinely think it’s funny, there is a good chance I’ll do it," he says.


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Alyssa Milano in 'Embrace of The Vampire'

Alyssa's scene in "Embrace of a The Vampire" would probably make her on-screen dad, Tony Danza blush, which she thinks is funny.

"I think we're in a time when everyone's afraid to be naked or have sex," she tells FHM in 2001. "But I was raised with it being beautiful." 

"I guess I don't have the issues," she says, "because my parents were '60s parents. They went to Woodstock, and it was very free and open in my house. My mom walked around naked, although my dad was always a little bit more like, 'My God, I have a daughter now.' But, you know, there were copies of Playboy in the house, and it wasn't like nudity was ugly or weird or bad."



Maggie Gyllenhaal in 'Secretary'

In 2002, the serious actress stripped down for her role in the dark comedy. 

"[Nudity] doesn't freak me out that much," said the actress. "The thing that is a little strange for me about nudity is when it's taken out of context... For instance, there's one photograph of me that for some reason got out, it's not naked but I'm like in a bathtub in 'Secretary', and you don't see any of my body but I feel very exposed and I won't sign that picture, whereas in the movie being totally naked I feel comfortable."



Rosario Dawson in 'Alexander'

Rosario played Roxane in Oliver Stone's 2004 film. She starred opposite Colin Farrell and said stripping down wasn't too hard with her hot star.

"It's too bad Colin is so ugly and just so uncoordinated and lacks any kind of talent and thrashed me off the bed," the actress joked about their intense love scene. "It was awful."



Uma Thurman in 'Dangerous Liasions'

The "Kill Bill" star was barely legal when she filmed her first nude scene for "Dangerous Liaisions" in 1988.


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Salma Hayek in 'Ask the Dust'

Unlike most actresses who probably do major crash dieting before stripping down for the camera, Salma had a different approach.

"I thought the character should be 1930s, but Mexican...I thought she should be a little bit 'meaty," she says. "I actually put a lot of weight on... Once I got naked with all that weight on, I said, 'It's okay.' So I sort of stayed up since then."


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Jason Segel in 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'

There's nothing like getting your heart broken while you're naked. 

Jason's character in this comedy found out the hard way.



Nicole Kidman in 'Eyes Wide Shut'

In Stanley Kubrick's 1999 sexual thriller, "Eyes Wide Shut," Nicole Kidman played opposite her then husband Tom Cruise for some very risque scenes. 

But the fact that they were married made it much easier on Nicole to bare all.

"I think it would have been more difficult if one of us had been doing it and the other was still trying to find another job. That would have been tough," she has said.


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Marisa Tomei in 'Before the Devil Knows Your Dead'

Although we all remember Marisa's critically acclaimed and sexually driven role in "The Wrestler," her first nude scene was actually a year before that in 2007's "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead."

And she doesn't mind the back to back nudity. "It's kind of liberation, maybe, on different levels," she declares. "It doesn't come up that often. It just happened to come up those two times," she says.

After those performances, the offer is likely to come up again.


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Kelly Preston in 'Mischief'

A few years after Kelly stripped down for the romantic comedy, "Mischief" in 1985, her hubby John Travolta was filming "Look Who's Talking."

Talk about different career paths.


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Katie Holmes in 'The Gift'

Some time between becoming Mrs. Tom Cruise and playing the innocent girl on "Dawson's Creek," Katie played a Greg Kinnear's slutty fiance in "The Gift."


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Halle Berry in ‘Swordfish’

The Oscar winner had to talk herself into going topless for the 2006 flick.

"It wasn't a love scene," she’s quick to point out. "I could sit there by myself. No one was touching me. I was kind of just perched up there and it was all of three seconds and it was done. That, for me, felt like a better introduction than a steamy love scene."



Christina Ricci in 'Black Snake Moan'

Although she was naked for several scenes, Christina admits that she stayed that way even when she wasn't filming. 

"I stayed the way I would be for the scene all the time - in order to get the crew really used to seeing me that way so that I was comfortable," she explains. "Not only was I comfortable, but I would look at anybody’s face and not see them uncomfortable. Because if someone else is uncomfortable, it makes you feel like you’re doing something wrong.”



Naomi Watts in 'Mulholland Drive'

The British actress fell "to pieces" while playing Betty Elms. 

"The masturbation scene was incredibly difficult, and was absolutely mortifying and humiliating;" she says of her shocking performance. "It's just a very difficult thing to do."



Gilles Marini in ‘Sex and the City’

The “Brothers & Sisters” hottie played Samantha’s (Kim Cattrall) hot neighbor who often likes to shower nude – outdoors. So Samantha, and viewers, got a full view of the star.


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Denise Richards and Neve Cambell in 'Wild Things'

The steamy scene in "Wild Things" was quite a departure for "Party of 5" star Neve Campbell.

Denise Richards didn't have as long of a track record.

(Sony Pictures Home Entertainment)


Eva Mendes in 'Training Day'

Eva shows off her bare curves in "Training Day" and "We Own the Night." 

"I've never had a problem with nudity," she explains to W Magazine. "But I don't put it out there without a reason. I'm not an exhibitionist. But, honestly, for my art I'll do anything almost. I'll go there."


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Charlize Theron in '2 Days in the Valley'

The Oscar winner has a very mature approach to getting naked on film. 

"I don't think about it as nudity," she tells "I think about it as, 'Is this the right thing for the character? Is this the right choice?'"

Well, it they're taking a bath, probably...


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Amanda Peet in 'The Whole Nine Yards'

Peet off her girls in the flick, but in reality she says she would have done a lot more. "I thought the movie was so beautiful and so smart and original, that I just really would have done anything," she says.


Sylvester Stallone 640

Sylvester Stallone in 'Italian Stallion'

The "Rocky" star had a little x-rated film out in the '70s and recently it resurfaced on eBay - just in time for the holidays!


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Surprising celeb nude scenes

Do you remember Katie Holmes and Reese Witherspoon stripping down for the camera? Well, they did.

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