Hot mom or hot mess?
These moms will make your most embarrassing mom moments sound adorable.


Mommy Dearest 


We all cringe when mom whips out the old photo albums with naked baby pics and bad hair trends. 

But can you imagine one of these moms dropping you off at school?

Makes us feel okay about those old albums after all. 

Click through to see what some Hollywood kids have to deal with on a daily basis.

And Happy Mother's Day!

For more pics of celebs go to x17online.


Brandi Glanville

The "Real Housewives of New York City" star made a scene leaving a West Hollywood restaurant. The mom of two with ex Eddie Cibrian has publicly feuded with her former hubby's new wife, Leann Rimes, over the care of her boys. We'd say this picture is not helping Glanville's case. Click here for more pictures of the model from X17online.com.



Mel B

The former Spice Girl looked a little tipsy leaving a restaurant with hubby Stephen Belafonte. That's no way for a mom of four to act! Click here for more from X17online.com.




Linda Bollea Hogan

DUIs, inappropriate outfits and all around questionable behavior, Hogan is a VIP on our Hollywood hot mess mom list. Remember her 23-year-old fiance? Click here for more pictures of Hogan at X17online.com.



Britney Spears

Britney used to call her two sons her "boo boos" in an endearing way. She has to realize the other meaning of that word, right?

For more pics of Britney, go to x17online.com.




Coco is step-mom to Ice-T's kids. We hope she doesn't dress like this when they're around. 



Christina Aguilera

The singer has long said she's not ashamed of her sexuality. When son Max grows up, he might feel differently.





Lisa Rinna

Lisa and Harry Hamlin have been married for nearly 20 years and have two kids together. And yet they still manage to act like love-struck teens. Hey, it's better than the alternative. 



Danielle Staub

The "Real Housewives of New Jersey" star has done so much since starring on the show. She's released a sex tape, been arrested and gone on the record about a recent romance with a lady-friend (read about it on Fox411.com). Just a typical day for a stay-at-home mom.



Pamela Anderson

Pammy is really good about attending her boys' sporting events, but she doesn't exactly fit in with the other soccer moms.

For more pics of Pam, go to x17online.com.



Jenna Jameson

Jenna retired from the adult film industry after becoming a mom. That's admirable.

For more pics of Jenna, go to x17online.com.



Shauna Sand

Having a former Playboy Playmate as a mom has got to be hard. Especially when she dresses like she's on a shoot every time she leaves the house. 

For more pics of Shauna, go to x17online.com.



Dina Lohan

Dina isn't winning any "mother of the year" awards any time soon. 




Farrah Abraham

You would think a teen mom would want to do everything they could to set a better example for their children. Nope, not Farrah.



Hot mom or hot mess?

These moms will make your most embarrassing mom moments sound adorable.

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