Certifiable, or famous?
Or both?

Shia LaBeouf

Labeouf's strange head gear captured the crowd's attention as he walked down the red carpet to promote the movie "Nymphomaniac Volume I" in Berlin.

The paper bag covering his noggin declares, "I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE," and this wasn't the first time the actor was caught wearing the covering.

LaBeouf has yet to give an explanation for his bizarre fashion choice, but many speculate it is part of a performance art piece.

Either way, it's weird.



Lady Gaga

The singer leaves her hotel in London dressed like a Picasso painting... And no, it wasn't Halloween.

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Jack Nicholson

The actor may be one of the best of his generation, but if you didn't know he was famous, you might think him a bit deranged. 

His wacky colored glasses and crazed hair make him look more like someone's crazy uncle than a multiple Oscar winner.

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Sure, the "Rude Boy" singer is just trying to be fashionable in her over-sized jacket and cut-off shorts. But in a dark club, this look may cause some to confuse her for a lady of the night. 

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Johnny Depp

Nope, Johnny isn't on the set of a new "Pirates" movie. This is how the actor dresses for dinner. 

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Courtney Love

 Just because zombies are popular doesn't mean you should try to look like one. 

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Katy Perry

The young singer has had pink, blonde, blue, purple and black hair. 

There are not many colors left.

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Steven Tyler

With his signature tight leather bell-bottoms and long wavy hair, Steven has always looked a bit more like a lady than a man - especially not a man in his 60s. 

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Kelly Osbourne

We're scared.

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Russell Brand

 The British comedian always looks like he needs a shower and a clean pair of jeans. He can easily afford both.

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The singer has always loved to push fashion barriers, but this crazy look should be pushed back in the closet.

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Spencer Pratt

The former MTV star seemed a bit off his rocker during "The Hills," but after filming wrapped he really let himself go. The former reality star walked around with this burly look for a while. 

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Certifiable, or famous?

Or both?

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