Top Dogs: The cutest pups on TV
These furry guys always stole the show.


Eddie Crane

This scene-stealing Jack Russel Terrier is quite possibly the cutest pup to have ever graced television screens. Eddie was owned by Dr. Frasier Crane (Kelsey Grammar) on "Frasier" and was known for staring down his loving owner. 

It could be said that Eddie put Jack Russels on the map as many refer to the breed as the "Frasier dog."

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Always known for doing the right thing, the Tanner family on "Full House" decided to keep a stray Golden Retriever puppy and name him Comet. It helped that he had the same color hair as all the girls in the family.




The 1954 series was based on a loyal and ridiculously smart Rough Collie named Lassie and her human and animal friends. The show, which ran for almost 20 years, was also adapted into movies and was redone in the late '90s. 




In popular TV series "Lost," Labrador Retriever, Vincent, was the only non-human to survive the plane crash. Cute, and a survivor!




Buck was just as quirky and rude as the family who owned him on "Married ... With Children." The Bundys' dog was a mut who would often be heard barking wisecracks at his less than clever owners. He was voiced by Cheech Marin and Kevin Curran. 





Jonathan Archer (played by Scott Bacula) on "Star Trek: Enterprise" is very attached to his English Beagle, Porthos. The cute pup was the captain's sidekick for his 10-year run on the Enterprise. 



Rin Tin Tin

German Shepherds gained popularity as pets only after Rin Tin Tin was rescued as a pup by an American soldier fighting in World War I. He went on to star in silent films, and inspired 1950s TV series "The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin," which starred a look-alike dog.

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"Ice Loves Coco" features the rapper, his wife and their adorable bulldogs, Spartacus (shown here) and King Maximus. 

"It's official, I'm the 'Bulldog Lady," Coco Tweeted after their new addition. "I treat [them] like people, not dogs." 




"Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!" first premiered on TV in 1969. It centered around a team of detectives from the Mystery Inc. gang. Scooby, who was voiced by Don Messick, wasn't exactly the bravest member of the team, but through teamwork they always managed to catch the bad guys.


Elizabeth Taylor

Charlotte York (played by Kristin Davis) toted around an adorable pure bred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel on "Sex and the City." She aptly named the dog after her idol, Elizabeth Taylor. 




The adorable Jack Russel Terrier starred in his own show, "Wishbone," in the late '90s on PBS. The show followed the pup's elaborate daydreams, where he places himself in classic literary tales. 




Murray appeared in all seven seasons of "Mad About You." Paul Buchman (played by Paul Reiser) found the border collie mix when he was a puppy and later met Jamie (played by Helen Hunt) while he was walking the pup. Murray was responsible for several hilarious story lines including the episode aptly titled, "Giblets for Murray."




Gloria (played by Sofia Vergara) originally acted like she didn't want the adorable French Bulldog Stella around on "Modern Family." Stella destroyed her shoes and took up a lot of Jay's (Ed O'Neill) attention. But soon enough, she comes around.




No dog pictorial would be complete without Charlie Brown's dog Snoopy from "Peanuts." Although it's unclear what breed the black and white pup is, it is said that he resembles the cartoonist, Charles Shulz's dog Spike. 



Tiger is a mutt who was featured on the first two seasons of "The Brady Bunch." The dog who played the original Tiger was killed by a truck during the first season, and the dog that replaced him for the second season wasn't as easy to work with, so producers nixed the dog from later episodes with no explanation about his unexpected disappearance. So sad!




Happy, from "7th Heaven," was nominated for a Kids Choice Award for favorite animal star in 2000.

Look at that face!

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Santa's Little Helper

Santa's Little Helper on "The Simpsons" is supposedly a greyhound, but one would never know it based on his lack of speed and agility. Luckily, the Simpson family adopted him knowing about his short-comings since they took him home after finishing last in a dog race. 


Top Dogs: The cutest pups on TV

These furry guys always stole the show.

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