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Stars on stripper poles
You'd expect Miley and Madonna, but Martha Stewart?! Check out the surprising stars who've gone for a spin on the ol' stripper pole.

Pole Dancing Stars

Miss USA isn't alone. Whether for a performance, as a hobby, or just for laughs, these famous faces have given the stripper pole a spin.

Some you'd expect, but other gyrating celebs might shock you!

(From left: Elizabeth Berkley in "Showgirls," Miley Cyrus at the Teen Choice Awards, Carmen Electra advertising her pole.)


Miley Cyrus

Grinding on a stripper pole at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards was just the beginning of Miley Cyrus shedding her "Hannah Montana" good girl image. And looking at her now, we'd give anything to get this 17-year-old Miley back, pole and all.



Jennifer Aniston

This Hollywood golden girl has a squeaky clean image, but she wasn't afraid to get down and dirty as a stripper in the 2013 comedy "We're the Millers." She took to the pole on several occasions throughout the film, and we have to say, she rocked it.



Demi Moore

Demi played an exotic dancer in 1996 flick "Striptease," and Life & Style reports that the actress has shown her daughter Rumer Willis her moves. 

(Columbia Pictures)


Channing Tatum

This Hollywood hunk was an exotic dancer before he became a star, and his seductive moves kept 2012 male strip club-based stinker "Magic Mike" afloat. He wasn't too shy to mock his past on a 2012 episode of "Saturday Night Live," either, licking a stripper pole and getting down on stage.



Lindsay Lohan

The troubled starlet played a stripper in the 2007 flop "I Know Who Killed Me."

(TriStar Pictures)


Ellen DeGeneres

The talk show host took to the pole during a tour of Paris Hilton's home, which naturally boasts a stripper pole.

See the video on Ellen's web site!

(The Ellen DeGeneres Show)


Rima Fakih

Miss USA 2010 Rima Fakih was a contestant in a 2007 stripping contest sponsored by Detroit radio station 955.

She told Fox & Friends it wasn't really a stripping contest, but more of a "promotional event."

Alrighty then!

Click for more on Miss USA's stripping controversy.


Tyra Banks

Ty Ty tries out the exercise trend on her talk show.

(The Tyra Banks Show)



Not surprisingly, Madonna often pole dances during her performances. 

Here, Madge performs at a May 2006 concert to kick-off the North American leg of her Confessions tour in Los Angeles.



Kylie Jenner

Sex tape star Kim Kardashian's then-nine year-old sister shocked viewers when the tyke took to the pole on the family's reality show, "Keeping Up With The Kardashians."

Additional horrors: The pole was installed in the girls' parents room, and little Kylie sported high heels for her performance.



Carmen Electra

Sexy Carmen stars in the ads for her very own product, Carmen Electra's Electra-Pole!

Purchase the pole here (must be 18 to enter the site).


George Lopez

The comedian gets laughs from pal Eva Longoria on his talk show.

(Lopez Tonight)


Paris Hilton

Party queen Paris is known for her proclivity for pole dancing.

At left, Hilton gyrates on a stripper pole at NYC club Marquee in Nov. 2007.


Elizabeth Berkley

The former "Saved by the Bell" teen star shed her good-girl image (and her dignity) playing a stripper in the laughable 1995 flick "Showgirls."

(MGM Distribution Co., United Artists)


Martha Stewart

Oh, Martha! The domestic diva got in on the exercise trend for the sake of her show.



Kendra Wilkinson

Another star with a pole line: Reality star and potential sex tape celebrity Kendra has unveiled the X-Pole.

Buy Kendra's "Sport Pole" here.



Teri Hatcher

The actress gets down and dirty for a striptease scene in "Desperate Housewives".



Britney Spears

Brit Brit is so associated with pole dancing that even her wax figure at Madame Tussaud’s is posed with a pole.

At left, the pop tart hit the pole in 2007 for her "Gimme More" music video.

Stars on stripper poles

You'd expect Miley and Madonna, but Martha Stewart?! Check out the surprising stars who've gone for a spin on the ol' stripper pole.

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