Child stars turned child brides
If past teen star marriages are any indication, these unions don't tend to last forever. In fact, only one of these holy unions lasted the distance!


Drew Barrymore

The recently re-married actress called off two engagements before she was even 18. At 19, she married bar owner Jeremy Thomas in 1994. Less than two months later, Drew filed for divorce.



Melanie Griffith

When she was just 14, Melanie Griffith met her mother Tippi Hedren's co-star in "The Harrad Experiment" and started dating the then 22-year-old Don Johnson. They married in Las Vegas when she turned 18 in 1976. 

The marriage lasted only six months. 

Years later they reconciled, but the second marriage came to an end in February 1996. 



Bo Derek

Mary Cathleen Collins was just 16 when she started dating director John Derek. He left his third wife, Linda Evans, and swept Mary Cathleen (who would change her name to Bo) away to Germany in order to avoid statutory rape charges. 

He was, after all, 30 years older than her, and she was clearly underage. 

But when Bo turned 18, he brought her home to the States, and they married two years later.

Surprisingly, theirs turned out to be a long-lasting romance. They were together 22 years, until his death in 1998. 




Elizabeth Taylor

The legendary actress was married an astonishing eight times. Conrad Hilton (pictured here) was lucky husband number one when she was only 18. 

It only lasted nine months.



Demi Moore

Before Demi's much publicized marriages - and divorces - to Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher, there was Freddy Moore. The couple was married two months after her 17th birthday and split four years later. 

But his surname lives on.



LeAnn Rimes

After going on one date with backup dancer Dean Sheremet in 2001, LeeAnn Rimes proclaimed, “This is the guy I want to marry.” 

In February 2002, at age 19, LeAnn and Dean wed, but the marriage fell apart a few years later when she fell for Lifetime movie co-star Eddie Cibrian. 



Kim Kardashian

Kim's 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries was her second quickie marriage. Her first attempt at being a wife was when she married Damon Thomas at age 19. The marriage lasted a whopping four years. Not bad!

For more pics of Kim, go to x17online.com.


Sandra Dee

Sandra Dee married singer Bobby Darin in 1960, but it is debated whether she was 18 at the time or 16. Although many sources say she was born in 1942, her son’s biography of his parents, Dream Lovers, lists her year of birth as 1944. 

Regardless, they divorced five years later.



Olivia Wilde

The "House" star eloped at 18 and wed Tao Ruspoli, an Italian prince and filmmaker. The couple split in 2011. 

“You don’t want to end a marriage, especially if you really like the person—you just know that something’s off so you try to change everything else,” Olivia later said. 



Niki Taylor

At 18, Niki Taylor met arena football player Matt Martinez. The couple eloped three months later. “We were just two totally different people and after two totally different things," Niki recalls. "I was pregnant at 18, had Jake and Hunter at 19 and divorced by 21... it was a lot on my plate for my young 20s!” 



Marilyn Monroe

At just 15 years old, Norma Jeane Baker married James Dougherty.  They divorced four years later and she went on to wed (and divorce) Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller.



Macaulay Culkin

Finally a child groom! The "Home Alone" star married actress Rachel Miner when they were both was just 17. 

“We’re so happy and proud that we found each other at such a young age,” the couple said in a statement after exchanging vows. “We look forward to spending our lives together.” 

They separated two years later. 


Child stars turned child brides

If past teen star marriages are any indication, these unions don't tend to last forever. In fact, only one of these holy unions lasted the distance!

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