Stars on game shows
Before they launched wildly successful careers, these stars tried to gain fame, money and love on game shows.


Tom Selleck

Before he became "Magnum, P.I." in the '80s, ladies apparently weren't all that interested in Tom Selleck.

He appeared on "The Dating Game" twice, in '65 and '67, and was passed over both times!

Check out which other famous faces have appeared on game shows over the years.



Vanna White

Vanna White

Before Vanna elegantly revealed letters on "Wheel of Fortune," she was a lucky contestant on "The Price is Right." She wore a shirt that said: "Get Serious." 

We don't know what that means.

See the clip here.

Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley

Before "Cheers," Kirstie appeared on game shows like "Match Game." 

In this 1979 episode she won $6,000! The next year, she made her presence known on "Password Plus."

Watch Kirstie here.


Britney Spears

She may be a multi-platinum artist, but back in 1992, the judges of "Star Search" thought 11-year-old Britney didn't have the chops to win the singing competition and she lost to a boy named Marty Thomas. 

Where is Marty today? Nobody knows.


Steve Martin

Steve Martin

Before he was a wild and crazy guy, Martin wooed the ladies in a 1968 episode of "The Dating Game."

Check it out!



David Letterman

Before landing "The Late Show," Letterman made the rounds on different game shows including "The $10,000 Pyramid," "Password," and "The Gong Show."



William Shatner

In 1965, a 34-year-old William Shatner appeared on "What's My Line?"



Farrah Fawcett 

Before she was a '70s poster girl, the late actress made a 1969 appearance on "The Dating Game."

See the clip here.


Lady Gaga

You can hardly recognize her in this clip from MTV's "Boiling Point" reality show, back when she was a brunetter New York University student, known as Stephani Germanotta.

Watch her blood boil here.


Cynthia Nixon

The "Sex and the City" alum's first onscreen appearance was as on imposter on the game show "To Tell the Truth." The adorable Nixon was in second grade at the time and her mom worked on the show.




Brad Garett

Before he became Ray Romano's goofy older brother, the comedic actor appeared in a few episodes of "Hot Potato" in 1984.

Yeah, we don't remember that one either.




Sally Field

A year before landing the part of Sister Bertrille on "The Flying Nun" Sally put herself out there on "The Dating Game" in 1966.

Watch a young - and somewhat shy - Sally here.



Billy Crystal

The comedian made many game show appearances in the late '70s and early '80s on shows like "The Hollywood Squares," "All Star Secrets" and "The $20,000 Pyramid" (pictured here). 

On "Pyramid" he actually held the record for getting his contestant partner to the top of the pyramid in the fastest time.


Stars on game shows

Before they launched wildly successful careers, these stars tried to gain fame, money and love on game shows.

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