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Stars picking or scratching?
Is it just an itch, or are they digging for gold?

Caught on Camera

Caught on Camera!

Kids are often seen with their fingers up their nose in public because they don't know any better.

Celebrities, it seems, are no different.

Click through to see who's scratching an itch, and who needs a tissue.

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Ewan McGregor 


The actor looks like he's scratching or rubbing is nose, but for some others it's not so innocent. 

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Britney Spears


The pop star, like many others, thinks no one is looking when she's behind the wheel. 

But we see you! 

Take note: being inside your car doesn't make you invisible.

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Michelle Rodriguez


The "Lost" star tries to be inconspicuous as she scratches her nose after dinner at Madeo.

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Lindsay Lohan


No longer under house arrest, Lohan is free to pick her nose outside her home.

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Antonio Banderas


The actor goes in for a double fingered pick on set of  "Knockout."

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Jeremy Piven


The former "Entourage" star gets a little help from his pinky since the rest of his hand is busy. 

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Halle Berry


Berry looks like she's either scratching her nose or smelled something fowl at the Westfield Mall. 

For more pics of Halle, go to x17online.com.


Kelly Rutherford


The former "Gossip Girl" star relieves an itch outside her Beverly Hills home.

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Simon Cowell


The former "Idol" judge discreetly scratches a little itch on the schnozzle.

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Kurt Russell


It's hard to tell, but it looks like Goldie Hawn's other half is not so discreet as he leaves a public bathroom in Malibu. 

Public bathrooms will do that.

For more pics of Kurt, go to x17online.com.

Phoebe Price

Phoebe Price


The actress once again proves that she is one classy lady as she kills time at the gas pump by picking her nose. 

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Stars picking or scratching?

Is it just an itch, or are they digging for gold?

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