Then/Now: The Cast of 'Bachelor Party'
Are the 'Bachelor Party' stars still partying?


'Bachelor Party'

The 1984 comedy centers around a group of friends who throw their buddy (Tom Hanks) a  bachelor party to end all bachelor parties.

And that they do.

The $6 million movie grossed over $35 million and won the Oscar for Best Picture.

Well, it did one of those.

Click through to see where these party animals ended up.



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Tom Hanks: Then

Hanks, fresh off of his first big movie success in "Splash," was 28 when he starred party boy Rick Gassko who decides to settle down and marry his girlfriend (Tawny Kitaen).


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Tom Hanks: Now

Tom has come a looooong way since "Bachelor Party." After starring in "Big" in 1988, and getting nominated for his first Academy Award, his career caught fire. He went on to win the Oscar for his starring roles in "Philadelphia" and "Forest Gump." These days he spends more time behind the camera -- producing and directing -- than he does in front of it, although he did star in 2012's flop "Cloud Atlas."



Tawny Kitaen: Then

Tawny played Debbie Thompson, the young bride of Rick Gassko. But she was best known at the time has a hair metal video vixen, appearing on Whitesnake's "Here I Go Again" video as well as the cover of Ratt's "Out of the Cellar." 


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Tawny Kitaen: Now

Kitaen dated Ratt guitarist Robbin Crosby and Whitesnake singer David Coverdale before marrying baseball player Chuck Finley. They stayed married for five years and had two children. Those children were in the house when Kitaen was arrested for cocaine possession in 2006. She appeared on "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew" in 2008, and was arrested for DUI in 2009.



Adrian Zmed: Then

Zmed was the co-star of Williams Shatner's police drama "TJ Hooker" when he landed the role of Jay, the leader of the pack of friends that took Rick out for his last night of freedom.

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Adrian Zmed: Now

Adrian's star faded post "TJ Hooker" and "Bachelor Party," but he continues to work in Hollywood to this day. He most recently appeared in "Surf the Musical" at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. 




Robert Prescott: Then

Prescott starred in "Real Genius" before being cast as the villain in Cole Whittier in "Bachelor Party."

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Robert Prescott: Now

Prescott has continued to work with supporting roles in TV and movies, including in the 2007 George Clooney thriller "Michael Clayton."

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Then/Now: The Cast of 'Bachelor Party'

Are the 'Bachelor Party' stars still partying?

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