Then/Now: The Cast of 'NewsRadio'
Take a trip down memory lane and see where all your favorite characters ended up.



The hit comedy based on a fictional AM news radio station in New York aired on NBC for five seasons starting in 1995. The show was on the brink of greatness when its star, Phil Hartman, was shot and killed in his sleep by his wife, who then killed herself. The show limped on for one more season before being canceled. Some of its stars were able to continue their careers post-"NewsRadio," while others were not. Let's see how they did shall we?




Andy Dick as Matthew Brock

Matthew was is a clumsy news reporter who is often falling all over himself and is oddly obsessed with cats. 



Andy Dick Now 

The comedian had a few more small roles before landing his own TV show, "The Andy Dick Show" in 2001. His show was cancelled two years later and in 2004 he tried his hand at reality TV with "The Assistant" on MTV.

In recent years he's made more headlines for his indiscretions than for his work. 



Maura Tierney as Lisa Miller and Dave Foley as Dave Nelson

Lisa is a brilliant reporter who aced her SATs and somehow she falls for Dave, who is a midwesterner and a bit quirky. He is quite a gentleman and polite, but she probably fell for his tap dancing skills.



Maura Tierney Now

Maura had a few small roles after "NewsRadio" before landing her big role as Dr. Abby Lockhart on "ER" in 1999. She stayed on permanently till the fifteenth season before stepping back and only appearing on a few episodes of the show in the final season.

In 2009 she had surgery to remove a breast cancer tumor and had to step down from a lead in "Parenthood." In 2012 she guest starred on a few episodes of "The Good Wife."



Dave Foley Now

Foley went on to appear in various TV shows and movies over the years, most reecntly as an insecure guidance counselor on the ABC hit "The Middle." He has also appeared in music videos for Black Robot and OFF!.

Foley has been married twice and has three kids. His daughter, Alina, with Crissy Guerroro (whom he divorced in 2008) stars in "The League" as Ellie and was in "The Spy Next Door."



Vicki Lewis as Beth

Beth is Dave's light hearted secretary who loves to show off her midriff in ridiculous outfits. 




Vicki Lewis Now

Vicki's notable roles since "News Radio" include a few appearances on "Seinfeld" and "How I Met Your Mother."

She debuted her first solo album "East of Midnight" in May 2010.



Phil Hartman Then and Now

The former "Saturday Night Live" star played "The Real Deal" Bill McNeal for four seasons before he was fatally shot by his real-life wife Brynn on May 27, 1998. 

The show addressed the death in the fifth season opener saying that Bill suffered from a heart attack, and Jon Lovitz came in to take the lead.



Jon Lovitz as Max Louis

Max is Bill's (Phil Hartman) replacement in season five of the show. He is quite unprofessional compared to his predecessor and has a crush on Beth and isn't afraid to show it.




Jon Lovitz Now

The "SNL" alum has appeared in countless movies over the years and starred in "Rat Race" in 2003. The comedian opened his own comedy club in 2007 in San Diego and a second location has since opened in Universal Studios Hollywood. He currently stars as Bobby Gold in "Mr. Box Office."



Joe Rogan as Joe Garrelli

Joe is the handyman and electrician on "NewsRadio," a role that was considered for Ray Romano.



Joe Rogan Now

Joe is more of a personality and host these days than an actor. His only other major role has been in 2011's "Zookeeper."

He hosted "Fear Factor" from 2001 to 2006 and has released several comedy recordings on CD.



Khandi Alexander as Catherine Duke

Catherine is Bill's second anchor on "NewsRadio." The pair often quip and Bill says it's because of their previous relations. Catherine leaves the show in season four to take a job in London.



Khandi Alexander Now

Khandi has appeared in countless shows, including close to 30 episodes of "ER" alongside her "NewsRoom" co-star Maura Tierney. She most recently starred on "CSI: Miami" for seven years and has been starring on "Treme" on HBO since 2010.



Stephen Root as Jimmy James

Jimmy is the station's witty and eccentric billionaire owner. He's a completely hands on boss who likes to micro-manage the team at WNYX and acts as a father figure for all of his employees.



Stephen Root Now

Stephen is perhaps best known as mumbling Milton in "Office Space" (1999). He has had many voice over roles as well in movies like "King of the Hill," "Ice Age," and "Finding Nemo" to name a few.

In 2008 he married his second wife, Romy Rosemount, and they both recently appeared on an episode of "Fringe."


Then/Now: The Cast of 'NewsRadio'

Take a trip down memory lane and see where all your favorite characters ended up.

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