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The 12 worst red carpet looks of 2012
The fashion don'ts of 2012. 


The worst looks of the year

2012 was a great year for fashion, with big trends like pastels, natural tones and color blocking. But some celebs seemed to be on their own fashion wavelength this year. Click through to see some of the worst red carpet looks of 2012.

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Miley Cyrus: Billboard Music Awards

Is it a jacket? Is it a dress? And where are her pants? This strange getup just left too many unanswered questions. 


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Nicki Minaj: Grammys

The Little Red Riding Hood style cape Nicki Minaj wore to Grammys was probably the strangest look of the night. But her accessory for the evening was even weirder: She attended the awards with a man dressed in a Pope costume by her side. No prayers could save Minaj from landing on the worst looks list. 



Maya Rudolph: Oscars

Maya wore this purple pageant dress, which was somber and boring, even with the silver detailing. 

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Kristen Stewart: Breaking Dawn premiere

We get it, Kristen: You’re a rebel. But that’s no reason to done this sheer, one-piece pants outfit. Maybe if it had been a dress the lacy look could have worked, but Stewart just had too much going on with this jumpsuit. 



Fergie: Grammys

Fergie is one of the mostly "Glamorous" singers out there, but she missed the mark with orange and black look at the Grammys that was probably meant to be sexy but instead just left everyone wondering if she always wears those big Granny Panties? 

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Nicki Minaj: BET Awards

It's hard to believe anything could be worse than Minaj's Grammy fashion disaster, but her BET Awards style was so bad, it got her another mention on our worst-dressed list. Her tight print pants and crop top didn't flatter her shape, and the look was way too casual for the awards show. 

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Katy Perry: Grammys

Katy's 50 shades of blue look at the Grammys wasn't the pop singer's best. Her hair clashed with the long sleeve, textured gown which also had a strange see-through quality too it. 



Lena Dunham: Emmys

"Girls" star Lena Dunham looked more like an old lady at the Emmys this year. Between her cropped hair and this wide short sleeve gown, the actress was one of the worst-dressed stars of the night. 



Kaley Cuoco: Sag Awards

There was nothing funny about the puffy blue gown comedy actress Kaley Cuoco wore to the Sag Awards.  


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Sarah Michelle Gellar: Golden Globes

Sarah Michelle's attempt to bring tie-dye back didn't work with this multi-layer blue and white gown. But nice try, Buffy. 

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Vivienne Westwood at Fortune Forum Summit

The British designer should know better. Westwood may know how to pick great looks for her models, but it seemed she got dressed in the dark with this outfit. 


The 12 worst red carpet looks of 2012

The fashion don'ts of 2012. 

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