Who knew they were related?
We didn't.


Madonna and Lady Gaga

When Gaga first came on the scene, people immediately compared her to Madonna due to her outlandish outfits and over-the-top performances. But it turns out, it might run in the family. According to celebrity genealogist Chris Child, "They are ninth cousins once removed." 

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Al Roker and Lenny Kravitz 

Al Roker's grandfather and Lenny Kravitz's great grandfather were cousins. That makes them third cousins.



Melissa and Jenny McCarthy

This one shouldn't be a shock since the funny ladies even share a last name. They are first cousins and Jenny tried to get Melissa her big break when she gave her a guest spot on her show "Jenny" in 1997.



Brad Pitt and President Obama?

The Commander in Chief apparently shares a bloodline with multiple time Sexiest Man Alive, Brad Pitt. They are reportedly ninth cousins.



Hillary Clinton and Angelina Jolie

These women don't just share a love for worldly affairs and homely attire, they are also apparently ninth cousins twice removed.



Ben Affleck and Matt Damon

These besties are 10th cousins, once removed according to researchers. Guess good looks and acting chops run deep in the family. 



Ellen DeGeneres and Kate Middleton

The funny lady is quirky and fun, while the Princess is quiet and demure. But Ellen revealed that she got a letter from the New England Genealogical Society that said she and Kate are 15th cousins.

Ellen of course joked that she thought the letter “was from my lady doctor.” 



Britney Spears and Prince Albert of Monaco

The “Queen of Pop” actually has royalty in her family. "The X Factor" judge is supposedly the 17th half cousin of Prince Albert of Monaco.



Celine Dion and Justin Bieber

The teeny bopper shares a distant relationship with Celine Dion according to ancestry.com.



Shaquille O'Neal and Bill Bellamy

The basketball star has a funny personality that apparently runs in the family because he's related to comedic actor Bill Bellamy.


Who knew they were related?

We didn't.

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