Celebs who had home births
Who needs a multi-million dollar maternity wing when you can just do it in the bathtub?


Gisele Bundchen 

The super model, currently pregnant with her second child with husband Tom Brady, is a big supporter of natural births. 

For her first son, Benjamin (born Dec. 2009), Gisele explains, "My delivery was in a bath tub, in water.” 

“I wanted to have a home birth," she says. "I wanted to be very aware and present during the birth… I didn't want to be drugged up. So I did a lot of preparation, I did yoga and meditation... It didn’t hurt in the slightest. The whole time my mind was focused in each contraction on the thought ‘my baby is closer to coming out.”



Pamela Anderson

The blonde bombshell, and then-husband Tommy Lee welcomed both their children at home, very naturally. Brandon (born June 1996) and Dylan (born Dec. 1997) were born via water births with a midwife and without any drugs. 

Pammy later told Larry King: "I gave birth at home both times–natural–with a midwife, in water…with nothing. Not even Tylenol.”



Ricki Lake

Ricki made a documentary of her first son's birth, "The Business of Being Born." Although it was met with mixed reviews, that didn't stop Ricki from having another home birth in a bathtub with her second son Owen. 

On the experience of birthing Owen at home, Ricki said: "After the birth of my sons, particularly my home birth with my second son, I thought I wanted to become a midwife. Then I looked at all the years of schooling and training that I would have to do and felt that the time could be better spent doing a documentary on the subject of birth.”



Jennifer Connelly

The Academy Award-winning actress and husband Paul Bettany welcomed daughter Agnes Lark Bettany in their New York City home on May 31, 2011. Jennifer had a pre-planned water birth in mind and all went according to plan. 



Demi Moore

Demi and then husband Bruce Willis welcomed all their girls into the world naturally. Demi gave birth to Rumer Glenn (born August 16, 1988), Scout LaRue (born July 20, 1991) and Tallulah Belle (born February 3, 1994) at home.



Mayim Bialik

The "Big Bang Theory" star opted for a home birth for her second child, and let her first son watch!

"Fred, yes, was born at home, and Miles was able to watch the whole thing from his high chair while eating granola... He loves it, he still talks about it. It was something we talked about with our pediatrician, and believed very strongly in older siblings being present, and giving the choice... We prepared him with videos about homebirth that our midwife prepared. Even during, I said, 'If Miles wants to go the next room he can!' But he said, 'No, I fine!' He got freaked out by the blood, but it was still nice.”



Cindy Crawford 

The super model is also apparently a super mom. She delivered both her kids, Presley (born July 2, 1999) and Kaia (Sept. 3, 2001) at home with her husband Rande Gerber and three midwives on hand to help. 

"I didn’t tell anyone last time because a lot of people are against home birth and tell you horror stories," she says. "Even my husband said at first, ‘Why are we doing this?’” 

But in the end it all worked out and she called the at-home experience "absolutely surreal."



Thandi Newton 

Thandi called both her labor experiences in a birthing pool "very challenging in the best way possible." 

She and husband Ol Parker welcomed Ripley (Sept. 2000) and Nico (Dec. 2004) the natural way. 

"It all started with my wanting a home birth," she explains. "It just seemed obvious: I didn't want the conventional picture of a woman on her back with doctors urging her to push... I couldn't imagine feeling "loose" in a hospital; it seemed too claustrophobic an environment, unfamiliar and forbidding... I knew I needed to be in a place that I identified with trust and safety, and in my home I could be whatever I wanted to be... If my pregnancy ran into trouble, I would find a hospital and readily hand the problem over to the experts, but with a healthy pregnancy, I knew who the expert was: me."



Alyson Hannigan

The "How I Met Your Mother" star gave birth to her first child, Satyana (born March 2009) at home. When asked about her drug-free home birth experience with husband Alexis Denisof, she explained:

"I did use a midwife and a doula... We had the option of having a doctor there, but even he said you’ll only need me if you need to be transferred to the hospital–which thankfully, I did not need.”

When she gave birth to her second daughter, Reeva (born May 2012), she did it all over again. “I think that the home is the best place for me to feel comfortable," she says.



Evangeline Lilly 

When it came to giving birth to her son Kahekili (born May 2011), the "Lost" beauty says, "I actually skipped the hospital."

She and husband Norman Kali "decided to have the baby at home because we wanted it to be a natural birth, and it turns out that it was 30 hours of natural.” 



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Maria Bello

"I remember the night he was born," recalls the actress about giving birth at home to son Jackson (born 2001) with then boyfriend Dan McDermott. 

"It was 22 hours of labor and a thunderstorm with nothing more than an aspirin. I never felt so much love and fear at the same time... I had a midwife, and after 12 hours I said, 'We’re going to stay here and stick it out.' Believe me, there were times where I wanted to say, 'Get the ambulance — I’m done.' But then I thought, 'I can do anything for 24 hours' and it was almost exactly 24 hours."



Nelly Furtado 

Canadian singer Nellie Furtado gave birth to her daughter Nevis (born Sept. 2003) naturally. The mom claims she's a "hippie" and "had a home birth with midwives.”


Celebs who had home births

Who needs a multi-million dollar maternity wing when you can just do it in the bathtub?

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