Tabloids' long list of Aniston misfires
You can't believe everything you read about Jen Aniston.



Just days before Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux announced their engagement, Star ran this cover, stating "It's Over!" Maybe they meant was their single days were over, as they got engaged over the weekend?

Of course, this isn't the first time tabloids have missed the mark on Jen Aniston's love life and baby making. Click through to see other covers that took swings and missed. 



Vince Proposes!

Vince Vaughn was the first guy that Jen seriously dated after her marriage to Brad Pitt fell apart, so it was only natural that people thought she'd marry him immediately. 

Truth: This cover ran in August 2006, and the couple never wed and have been broken up for years.



How Angelina Tortures Jen

It's only natural to assume that these two have had it out over the years, but the tabloids like to constantly report about cat fights.

Truth: This cover ran in Aug. 2008. We have yet to see a picture of Jen and Angie in the same room together. 



Baby For Jen

Jen Aniston has made no secret about wanting to be a mom. But any time she's pictured with a new guy, tabloids assume they will be her baby daddy.

Truth: Jen Aniston was dating Gerard Butler (pictured here) when this picture was taken in April 2010 but they did not make any kids together. 


Brad Moves Out

In order to be fair, the tabloids attack Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's private life as much as they do Jen's. Although we have no reason to believe the parents of six are breaking up any time soon, there are break up rumors every other month. 

Truth: This mag hit stands in April 2009. Brad and Angie are currently engaged.


I Can't Stop Loving Brad

We all love Brad Pitt, don't we? Star would like fans to believe that in Dec. 2010, almost 5 years after Jen and Brad split she was still losing sleep over him. 

Truth: That's very doubtful!




Two Weddings

What's better than one big wedding in Hollywood? Two, of course! The mags love to put Jen and Angelina up against to each other.

Truth: There will eventually be two weddings as both the actresses are currently engaged.


Jen Proposes

When Jennifer Aniston dated John Mayer in 2008, fans thought that she would finally make the ladies man settle down. 

Truth: Jen did not give John a ring in Oct. 2008.


Beach Wedding

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux started dating in May 2011, and sure enough, three months later the mags were reporting about their beach wedding. 

Truth: The couple did not wed last year.



Bride Wars

Wasn't that the name of a movie that neither of these gals starred in? 

Truth: This cover hit stands in Dec. 2008. In the past four years neither of Brad's gals have wed.


Wedding & Baby

In March, Life & Style missed the mark a bit by claiming Jen was celebrating a wedding and a baby. 

Truth: At least now one of those things is true. 


Steals Brad Back

Who actually believes these kinds of covers?

Truth: Jen and Brad never reconciled.


Jen's Ring

This cover was almost a year too early, Justin's proposal didn't happen till about a year later.

Truth: They did not get engaged in Aug. 2011.


Twins for Jen

Apparently reporting about one baby was getting a bit mundane. Instead Star reported that the actress was pregnant with two in February 2012.

Truth: She must be the tiniest pregnant woman ever.


Baby Countdown

Since this magazine hit stands in Aug. 2011, this so-called countdown has just hit its year mark. 


She's a Mom

OK! decided to just jump straight to mommy-hood with this deceiving cover. 

Truth: Jen did not become a mom in Aug. 2010.


Pregnant at 40

Chalk this one up to a guessing game. After 40, there are only so many more years they can report about Jen being pregnant. 

Truth: Jen did celebrate her 40th birthday in Feb. 2010, when this was printed, but she was not in fact with child. 


Trying for a Baby

Well, duh. She's happily dating Justin Theroux, she MUST be trying to get pregnant.

Truth: This magazine was on stands in Aug. 2011 and she has not been pregnant nor had a kid since.


Why Jen Said No

Unless Justin tried and now recently tried again, this one about Jen initially saying no to a proposal in July is just phony. 

Truth: Justin proposed in Aug. and Jen said yes.


Tabloids' long list of Aniston misfires

You can't believe everything you read about Jen Aniston.

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