Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' wacky romance
From Eiffel Tower engagements to couch jumping antics, take a look back at some of the most memorable moments in the TomKat romance.


In 2005, Hollywood mega-star Tom Cruise announced that he was dating former teen actress Katie Holmes. 

From there, the world was treated to a non-stop show of antics, like Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah's couch while declaring his love for Holmes, to Eiffel Tower proposals, purchased sonogram machines for a baby on the way, motorcycle rides across red carpets, and of course, sweeping declarations of love for one another.

Within a year, the two were married in a castle in Italy and welcomed a daughter, Suri Cruise. For five years, as they battled non-stop tabloid rumors, Katie and Tom or "TomKat" were a staple of Hollywood tabloid culture.

But on June 29, a lawyer for Holmes announced that the actress had filed for divorce.

Take a look back at some of the most memorable moments in the couple's six year romance.


Tom Cruise was one of Hollywood's biggest stars when he met young ingenue Katie Holmes, who was 28 at the time.

The couple reportedly met after she came in to read for a part for "Mission Impossible III." 




In the press, it appeared that Holmes and Cruise's romance went from 0-60 in seconds. 

Cruise had previously been dating actress Penelope Cruz after his divorces from actresses Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman. 

Holmes had been engaged to "American Pie" star Chris Klein, with whom she split just weeks before meeting Cruise.




Cruise and Holmes' relationship was initially dominated by over-the-top displays of love and affection, including red carpet kisses where Tom would dip Katie, and riding into his "War of the Worlds" premiere on a motorcycle.

Many questioned the romance, largely due in part to such displays, which, at times, seemed staged, awkward and out of place.

But despite any criticism in the press, both Cruise and Holmes continued to be all smiles at appearances together, with Katie gushing about how when she was a young girl, she dreamed of marrying Cruise.



In June of 2005, after Cruise's infamous declaration of his love for Holmes on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," he proposed to her atop the Eiffel Tower in Paris.




Months after becoming engaged, Holmes became pregnant with the couple's child, daughter Suri Cruise.

She gave birth to Suri in April of 2006.

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In the fall of 2006, the superstar couple traveled to Italy to prep for a lavish wedding ceremony.

Among the guests were Cruise's A-list pals including Will Smith and Jada Pinkett, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony and David and Victoria Beckham.


In this Nov. 18, 2006 file photo released by Rogers and Cowan, actor Tom Cruise and actress Katie Holmes pose in their wedding attire at the 15th-century Odescalchi Castle overlooking Lake Bracciano outside of Rome. 

Holmes, who was raised Catholic, wed Cruise in a Scientology ceremony.



In 2007, Cruise met his wife at the finish line of the New York City marathon after she finished it. 



Actress Katie Holmes (C) is greeted by her husband Tom Cruise holding their daughter Suri after Holmes finished the 2007 New York City Marathon in New York in this November 4, 2007 file photo. 



Holmes seemed to quickly fall right into place with Cruise's two children Connor and Isabella, whom he adopted with second wife Nicole Kidman.

Here, the two are seen cheering on a then-teenage Isabella at her soccer game.

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Feb 2007: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are seen at the 2006 Vanity Fair Oscar party.

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March 19, 2010:  Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise watch the Minnesota Timberwolves play the Los Angeles Lakers in an NBA basketball game, in Los Angeles.



December 2011: Tom Cruise led his wife, Katie Holmes holding hands and carrying Suri Cruise off to Katie's birthday dinner. 

According to reports, Cruise has split with all of his former wives at the age of 33, a number which is said to carry special meaning in the religion of Scientology. 

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In February, Cruise and Holmes seemed happy at the Vanity Fair Oscar's party.

On June 29, Holmes filed for divorce, leaving Cruise "devastated" and blindsided, his publicist said.

(2012 AP)


Dec. 2011: Holmes and Cruise attend the "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol" premiere.

Despite her constant smiles, Holmes was said to have been miserable for some time in her marriage.

While she embraced Scientology, it has been reported that Holmes was uncomfortable with some of the tenets of the religion, especially when it came to raising her daughter, Suri.


Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' wacky romance

From Eiffel Tower engagements to couch jumping antics, take a look back at some of the most memorable moments in the TomKat romance.

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