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8 Celebrities Over 40 Who Look Better with Age
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Vanessa Williams

Vanessa Williams was crowned the first African-American Miss America in 1983, so there's no question she was always a stunner. Today, however, her beauty seems almost effortless; she's tossed the teased hair and mastered a more natural palette.
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Jennifer Aniston

It seems that every time we see a photo of this former "Friend," she's looking better and better. Granted, the "Rachel" hairdo was cool back in the '90s, but we prefer Jen's current toned-down tresses much better. She also looks as fit as ever, and the 43-year-old credits yoga and consistent exercise for her enviable body.
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Courtney Cox

My, how far she's come since her days as Monica Gellar on "Friends." The 48-year-old looks fabulous, sporting a much more natural look than ever before. We also give her credit for staying away from the sun during her twenties, as her skin still looks radiant and wrinkle-free.

Gwen Stefani

"Hollaback Girl" … all the way to 2000! Gwen Stefani was undoubtedly a classic beauty, but she didn’t begin flaunting her natural assets until her post-No Doubt days. We like the 42-year-old Gwen much better, with her glam makeup, thicker brows and not-so-bottled blond hair.
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Elizabeth Hurley

As an Estée Lauder spokesperson for more than 17 years, Elizabeth Hurley has had skincare on the mind for nearly her entire adult life. That, and the fact that she seems to have grown more graceful over the years, is why the 47-year-old still stuns on the red carpet. She shared some of her beauty secrets with us here.
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You can’t blame Madonna — she rose to fame in the mid-80s, which wasn’t a good time for the beauty industry on the whole. Her dark hair, harsh eyebrows and dark lips made her look like an old lady (she was only 32 in the photo on the left). At 52 years old, her lighter, softer features make her look younger than ever.
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Sarah Jessica Parker

Long before she became Mrs. Big, she was Mrs. Big Hair. Yikes! However, SJP has aged beautifully, even inspiring women with her fashion-forward wardrobe and cosmopolitan lifestyle. We love the relaxed, beachy waves she boasts as a 47-year-old.
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8 Celebrities Over 40 Who Look Better with Age

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