FOX411 Recast Blast: 'Saved by the Bell'
Who'd be in Bayside High's coolest clique today?

'Saved by the Bell'

Kids today need an updated version of the 1990s Saturday morning staple, and we're ready to recast! 

Click through and see who we chose to play Zack, Lisa, and the rest of the Bayside Tigers.

The New Cast

We'd have a ‘High School Musical’ star portray cheerleader Kelly, a big screen comedy giant tackle Mr. Belding, and... well, just click through to find out who made it past the casting couch.


Mark-Paul Gosselaar rose to fame playing the mischievous, girl-crazy Zack Morris from the age of 14. Zack was known as a slacker and a schemer and was the only one on the show given the power to call a "time out." 

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OK, so he's 28. But Chad Michael Murray is a teen soap vet ('One Tree Hill,' anyone?) and this blonde heartthrob would be perfect as charming schemer Zack. 

Also, he has two first names, just like Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

But Mark-Paul will always be "Preppie" in our hearts.



Tiffani Amber Thiessen landed the role of cheerleader Kelly Kapowski at the age of 15. Kelly was the most popular girl in school and Tiffani herself became one of the most popular cast-members, making countless guest appearances on hit shows and starring in TV movies. 

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Vanessa Hudgens has proven herself as a hot teen lead in the 'High School Musical' movies; she can play the adorable girl-next-door like no one else. 

Thiessen originated the role, but today we see Hudgens shakin' those pom poms.


A.C. Slater

Mario Lopez played jock A.C. Slater from the age of 16. Slater and Zack started out as rivals, vying for Kelly's affections, but after losing the girl to a preppie, he found love with school brainiac Jessie and became best friends with Zack. 

(Photo: NBC)

A.C. Slater Recast

'New Moon' star Taylor Lautner comes to the role equipped with the abs and dimples needed to play Bayside's biggest jock. 

Mario Lopez has aged out of the role, and we think he'd be happy to pass it down to Taylor.


Jessie Spano

Elizabeth Berkley began playing committed feminist and straight-A student Jessie Spano at the age of 16. Jessie dated jock A.C Slater, with whom she fought constantly, and struggled with an addiction to a caffeine pill - one of the raciest storylines the show had tackled.

(Photo: NBC)


Elizabeth Berkeley (now of 'Showgirls' infamy) played know-it-all class president Jessie first, and we can see 'What I Like About You' comedian Amanda Bynes taking over the nerdy-yet-sexy role.

As long as she steers clear of the caffeine pills!



Screech was played by Dustin Diamond (who got the role at age 12!). Screech was the nerd who was lucky enough to be best friends with the two most popular guys in school. Despite being really smart, Screech was also an idiot, and constantly the butt of jokes. His unrequited love for Lisa was a recurring story line and despite his best efforts, Lisa remained immune to his charms. 

(Photo: NBC)


'Superbad' star Christopher Mintz-Plasse is the natural choice to play Bayside's loveable yet obnoxious nerd. 

Dustin Diamond's annoying voice will be hard to replicate, but if anyone can do it, it's "McLovin."



Lark Voorhies landed the role of spoiled princess Lisa Turtle at the age of 14. Lisa was known for being fashion-savvy and talkative, always up on the latest Bayside gossip. 

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Lark Voorhies was a great Lisa, but TV vet Raven-Symone ('The Cosby Show,' 'That's So Raven') could take the role up a notch. 



Dennis Haskins portrayed the sole authority figure of the group, and was often entangled in Zack's schemes. He spent as much time solving problems as he did looking foolish.

(Photo: NBC)


We'd love to see '40 Year-Old Virgin' star Steve Carell bring his comedic talents to the role of bumbling Mr. Belding.

Can't you just hear him saying, "Hey, hey, hey, what is going on here?" 


FOX411 Recast Blast: 'Saved by the Bell'

Who'd be in Bayside High's coolest clique today?

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