Boxing Beauties
Don't mess with these hard-hitting Hollywood actresses.


These actresses aren’t just knockouts, they can actually knock you out.

RadarOnline.com has compiled a list of Hollywood women who keep in shape through some good old-fashion' fisticuffs. 

Whether taking up boxing or practicing Budokon – a fusion workout featuring plenty of punches -- these femme fatales maintain their fine figures by learning how to kick butt.

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Jess credits boxing with changing her life! She tweeted: “I have so much energy and it has cured my insomnia.” 

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'The Hills'' starlet calls kick boxing a “full body workout” that is “really fun.” 

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Mrs. Lamar Odom credits boxing, which she says she does “three days a week,” for helping her lose 20 pounds. 

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J.Lo got into top fighting form for 'Enough' by practicing Krav Maga, which she says is not just about hand-to-hand combat but “about finding the power within yourself.” 


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Hilary’s Oscar-winning turn as a boxer gave her respect for the practice she likens to “a great game of chess” that teaches you about “your own strength and weaknesses.” 

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Ms. Moore, who once dated a martial arts instructor, underwent serious karate training for her role in the 'Charlie’s Angels' sequel. 

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Courteney calls Budokon, which blends yoga and martial arts, “an unbeatable combination” for getting fit. 

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Jen has done years of martial arts training thanks to her turn as a spy in 'Alias' and as an international assassin in 'Elektra.' 

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The Victoria’s Secret model says boxing is her “favorite thing to do” since “you build up muscles without being too big.”

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Sandy has revealed her L.A. slim-down routine: “I do a lot of Pilates, kick boxing and weight training in L.A. and when I’m in Austin I run or ride a bike.” 

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Boxing Beauties

Don't mess with these hard-hitting Hollywood actresses.

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