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10 Healthiest Hollywood Stars
If they're not working, they're probably working out.


Patrick Dempsey stays McDreamy primarily by hitting the pavement on his fancy bike while wearing his fancy helmet. He's so fancy. For more pics of Dempsey staying in shape. (PHOTO: X17Online)


Madonna gets her guns from hours of yoga and pilates daily and a strict macrobiotic diet which prohibits processed food. No wonder she sounds so boring in interviews. Click for more pics of healthy Madonna. (PHOTO: X17Online)


Ryan Reynolds gets that six pack with rigorous workouts, including leg lifts, weight lifting, and 500 to 1000 sit-ups a day (!), and by eating 8-10 small, protein-heavy meals a day (!). Um, a little extreme maybe? Click for more Ryan pics. (PHOTO: X17Online)



Reese Witherspoon is a big fan of jogging, power walks and chin-ups to stay in shape. We're just kidding about the chin-ups, she just has a big chin is all. Click for more Reese pics at X17Online.com. (PHOTO: X17Online)


Reese's man Jake Gyllenhaal is one of those guys who needs a workout buddy, who, over the years, have included Lance Armstrong and Matthew McConaughy. For more fun pics of Jake go to X17Online.com. (PHOTO: X17Online.com)



Matthew McConaughey has never met a beach he doesn't like. Unlike most of us, however, instead of relaxing on them, Matthew runs up and down them, stops to do push-ups on them, and stands still and does yoga and other yoga-looking things on them. That's why he looks like he does, and we look like we do. Click for more Matt pics. (PHOTO: X17Online)



All that working out looks like it worked out for LeAnn Rimes - she sure caught the eye of the man of her dreams, D-lister Eddie Cibrian, which is making four divorce lawyers very happy. For more LeAnn pics go to X17Online.com. (PHOTO: X17Online)



Gwyneth Paltrow does a strict macrobiotic diet and endless hours of yoga to stay fit, just like her pal Madonna. They even have the same trainer. Click for more Paltrow pics. (PHOTO: X17Online)



Jessica Biel says she doesn't rely on diets or severe restrictions - she maintains her killer bod by working out, eating healthy and allowing herself the occasional splurge. For more Jessica pics go to X17Online.com. (PHOTO: X17Online)


Jennifer Aniston maintains her slim and super sculpted body by following the Zone diet, which balances carbs, proteins, and fats, and practicing yoga regularly. Oh yeah - and running from paparrazzi. Click for hundreds more Jen pics. (PHOTO: X17Online)

10 Healthiest Hollywood Stars

If they're not working, they're probably working out.

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