Alicia Vikander tries curling and says she's 'like Bambi on the ice'

Alicia Vikander might be an Oscar-winning actress, but she is definitely not an Olympic athlete. 

In a new interview with, the Swedish actress said she got into the Olympic spirit and cheered on the Swedish curling team during the 2018 Winter Games.

“When we were doing well, I was like, I need to learn about curling. I didn’t know anything about it. And then I was totally watching the finals. One year I had to set my alarm to watch the finals at 2 a.m,” Vikander told

After discovering her new found love for the sport, she confessed that the curling matches became "addictive to watch." 

At the end of the Pyeongchang games, Sweden took home the silver medal after the United States took home gold. And though Vikander was inspired to try out the sport, she admitted that she was not incredibly skilled on the ice. 

“I was like Bambi on the ice, I fell over a lot,” she said. “And I always ended up smashing [the curling rock] against the wall. It’s so delicate, the amount of force required.”

But one skill the "Danish Girl" actress can brag about is her new martial arts technique that she recently mastered to reprise the role of Laura Croft in the film series "Tomb Raider."

"It took about four months to get in shape and I had never lifted a thing with my arms before—I did ballet—and the trainer told me I was really underdeveloped," Vikander explained on "The Graham Norton Show" on Friday, Feb. 16. "I thought the muscles would stay forever, but after three weeks of no training I lost it all."

The reboot of the film series that Angelina Jolie made famous in the early 2000s hits theaters on March 16.