Miranda Lambert, boyfriend slam Garth Brooks for lip-syncing

By Sasha Savitsky

Published November 10, 2017

Miranda Lambert and her boyfriend Anderson East were not happy with Garth Brooks after he admitted to lip-syncing at the CMA Awards.

Brooks told Fox News backstage at the show on Wednesday that he decided last minute to lip-sync in order to save his voice for his upcoming tour dates.

But Brooks' decision didn't sit well with Lambert or East, who took to social media to call out the Entertainer of the Year.

"I keep a lot of my opinions to myself and respect anyone making music but as a person who tries to put on the best and most honest show I can night after night...this truly offends me," East wrote on Instagram. "I was told country music is three chords and the truth."

Lambert agreed with her boyfriend and commented on his post.

"High fave on this babe. If you can't sing then don't. It's better to be honest than to pretend. I think it's bull s--t," Lambert posted. "My favorite performances in the show were live live. The truth."

lambert east instagram2

While East and Lambert didn't have anything nice to say to Brooks, the country legend sang Lambert's praises after the CMAs.

"When people say what's the highlight for me tonight...Miranda Lambert," Brooks told Fox News. "She came out with a steel guitar and played country music. Stuck it right in our face [and] right now she's our beacon. Let's follow her."

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