Washington Post gives Senate Dems 'four Pinocchios' for false GOP tax plan accusations

Senate Democrats slammed the GOP's proposed tax plan, claiming it'll will raise taxes for most working-class families.  But after further research, Washington Posts found their claims to be false -- giving them '4 Pinocchios.'

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) reacted to the Dems' false claims, telling FOX & Friends:

"Remember, this is coming from the Washington Post, telling Schumer taht he's getting Pinocchios for every negative thing they're saying, mostly, about the tax bill. They said the middle class taxes would go up.  He got Pinocchios on that! You know why? Because when you read this bill -- and it's not thousands of pages like ObamaCare --  it's saying your taxes are being cut, you get to keep more of what you earn, and what's most important, America's going to be competitive again. Jobs are going to go up. And on January 1st, you're going to get more money in your paycheck because your withholdings are going down because your rate is lower."

Watch Rep. McCarthy's full interview above.    

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